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He feels Naik has been targeted because he is a Muslim. Though he is popular in Muslim world but also he is reviewed in some places for his speech and opinion. He has been given a permanent residency by top Malaysian government officials.

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His some essays were published in a newspaper Islamic Voice.

Hindraf, a Malaysian minority rights group, lagu country is demanding that Malaysia cancel Naik's permanent residency there. In Bangladesh some publications also published his series of books. The real reason is much more sinister than that. He said that if any Muslim wants to leave Islam he can but do not speak against holy region as he will be considered a traitor and should be hanged as Quran says.

Then he admitted in Kishinchand Chellaram College. Mohammad Reyaz, who teaches communication at Aliah University in Kolkata, explains that Naik began preaching at a time when India was witnessing a rise in far-right Hindu groups. The Islamic preacher left India in and since then has been staying in Malaysia's Putrajaya. But the issue of conversion remains controversial and several states have anti-conversion laws. You can find out more by clicking this link Close.

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His main speech is Islam is the best than other religion. Naik has not returned to India since last July. Cruise ship ploughs into tourist boat in Venice. You can find out more by clicking this link. Kashif-ul-Huda is the editor of news website TwoCircles.

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Zakir Naik was a student of St. Kuala Lumpur is looking for more evidence from New Delhi before it can act on any request for the extradition of Islamic preacher Zakir Naik. The National Investigating Agency has chargesheeted controversial speaker Zakir Naik for promoting enmity and hatred between religious groups in India through his speeches and lectures. The meeting comes a day after Mahathir rejected India's request to deport Naik.

He is an Islamic researcher, speaker and writer and mostly influenced by religion. The agency filed the prosecution complaint under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act before a special court in Mumbai. He talked about the Shia and Sunni conflict. Zakir Naik Islamic scholar Zakir Naik is wanted in India over charges of money laundering and hate speech.

According to him it against the Bible and scientist do not support it. He says that evolution is only a suggestion and some more an unproven hypothesis. Whether it was owing to my religion or some other reason does not matter. An educational trust run by Naik has also been prevented from receiving funds from abroad. Naik has addressed different issues at different times.

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But if he absconds, he is only going to raise further questions about his conduct and evidence against him. In a YouTube media he told that he did not know Bin Laden and never met with him.

His original name is Zakir Abdul Karim Naik. And that is the most unfortunate thing for this country. Azmi, accusing him of money-laundering. Solkar denies that his client has been involved in money laundering. News Wrap Get Handpicked Stories from our editors directly to your mailbox.

The medieval-era Babri mosque in the city of Ayodhya was demolished in by a Hindu nationalist mob, who wanted to build a temple in its place. He received many awards and Honorius in his life. Why did Bush go to war in Iraq?

His main goal is to educate Muslims who thinks Islam is outdated. Tamil Nadu parties cry foul over Hindi imposition, Centre steps in to allay fears.

He speaks about Islamic religion and explains by Quran and Hadith. Next Victor Hugo Biography.

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. He said that fight Karbala was politically motivated. It may be slow, but everyone gets justice eventually.

China defends bloody crackdown of Tiananmen protests. Islamic scholar Zakir Naik is wanted in India over charges of money laundering and hate speech.

And it's an attack against peace, democracy and justice. Zakir Naik arranged a peace conference on November in Mumbai and it is one of his main lectures. In his speech, several people invited and took part in front of not invited audience.

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