Wicked Burn By Beth Kery

Sometimes for Niall, sometimes for Vic. The author amazed me with how many ways she came up with describing the human anatomy, so much so I found it a tad distracting at times, but that is just me. Like I said before several times, this was a very well written book and the erotic scenes were some of the best I've read. Niall realized that the man who stood with them in the hallway must have twisted it viciously before he threw Evan off of her. While she enjoys Vic, his domineering ways both excite her and confuse her.

Vic and Niall live across the hall from each other. It's a quick read mostly because you simply can't put it down. She welcomes feeling alive for the first time in three years, and Vic apparently thinks the more he has her, the sooner he'll get her out of his system.

While I can't fully say that Vic didn't try, he did at one point call Niall, but he made no effort to truly demand an explanation which I think he was fully entitled to. This book is completely consuming and addictive, incredibly steamy and vivid and real. Niall forced her eyes away from that compelling sight when she heard Evan speak. Though they're neighbors, they haven't formally met until before, but that hasn't stopped them from being very aware of one another. The characters are layered and complex.

Ever since the debacle with Jenny. She didn't use ridiculous reasons for Vic and Niall being the way they are today like some authors I could mention. Niall's date is becoming a bit handsy and Vic can tell Niall doesn't really want to have anything to do with it, so he breaks it up and basically forces the guy to leave.

Niall is harboring a secret she doesn't want exposed, and feelings slowly begin to stir in Vic, though he tries to push them away. And Vic retreats into himself and his farm out of town. As the book progressed, Vic and Niall's relationship grows. Vic is a famous play writer, and Niall is a museum curator. Vic Savian knows what he wants when he sees it.

Wicked burn by beth kery

Suddenly, with his help, she's experiencing sensual pleasures like she's never known before. Vic has wanted Niall from the first moment he laid eyes her. Open Preview See a Problem?

If you're not a fan of graphic sex scenes, this isn't the book for you. The only feelings that matter are his own. This book I had to read on my iPad with a bright screen, and still enlarge each page to read it. His hands began to press and slide along her back and waist. Loved ideas and characterization within, but the storyline, including both major and minor elements, were too manufactured for my taste.

Beth writes her Alpha males well, and I hope more of her books have a Vic-like character in bed. Be sure to follow our blog for an upcoming Beth Kery giveaway and interview!

Vic is a director and playwright for a local theater. Now i realize it's been shelved by many people as erotica so i was expecting that going in but i do still enjoy a good story with my erotica.

The two have locked eyes previously and even shared an elevator alone once and even then, during these mundane moments, the tension between them crackled. But Niall's past still isn't settled and when it rears up again, she loses Vic and has to fight to get him back. Sort of an understatement, actually, to say that Vic had been aware of her. They meet, are immediately attracted to each other and have a wildly passionate love affair.

Wicked burn by beth keryWicked burn by beth keryWicked burn by beth kery

There is no better example of said language, than in Wicked Burn. Vic can't get enough of her, but he's been burnt in the past and doesn't want to get too involved. He's dominating, arrogant, moody, jaded, but when he turns up the heat, be prepared to burn. Also, Kery for the most part maintained that - we're not just told he's a man of Have been on a Beth Kery binge and I absolutely loved this book - best one so far, by miles.

He liked them smart, feisty, sexy, skilled, and hot. Once things looked to be resolved, something else would happen and I wondered how they would ever bridge the gap. By the way, the pearls scene was phenomenal and probably worth the price of admission had I paid it. It is a quick, very enjoyable read!

Even though I loathe couples who have obstacles of their own making because of lack of communication, in this case-I get it. To his surprise she accepts. Been gazing at this book for two years without buying it. Actually, she never has to be the one to explain.

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Really good, scorching sex. But it's Vic's earth shattering love making that awakens her to life again. Soon after which her husband deserts her to wallow in his own grief. Plus she also had previously informed him that she needed to tell him something regarding her past but asks for more time.

Both of these people were very, very flawed and I think that the author played that up a bit too much. For a playwright, he doesn't seem to do well with words in his personal life. There were moments of laughter, of sadness, of desire and love.

The trauma was very real, and made Niall a sympathetic character - instead of an annoying one, as the heroines of romance books often are. The combination of scorching sex scenes and powerful romance was a potent one-two punch! Did her voice sound strained? But of course, Vic finds out, Niall doesn't explain herself, and it totally destroys his trust in her.

Wicked Burn

Wicked Burn gave that muscle one thorough workout, even long after I finished the book. Wicked Burn is about woman, Niall, displayfusion windows 7 who works at an art museum and who has a very tragic past.

Kery herself sent me a copy to review. But Kery wrote it well despite.