Let us know who made it to the list. Also important mention Amber was last minute addition to F x we would've had Seulgi maybe. For example, Super Junior, they are a group that is mixed with Chinese and Korean members. Well that's Amber to you, she'll go for comfort than convention. Entertainment through the S.

Who is Nichkhun s Girlfriend Lovelife of Nichkhun from 2PM

Amber is not the lead dancer. The publics preception of Amber speaks to where we are as a society. Remember nu abo sulli with that mushroom hair yuck At the end of the day it is an industry. Later she surprised the girls and made them cry even though they were just separated for few days. How come it isnt mentioned that Krystals in a relationship with Kai from Exo?

F(x) s Victoria Reportedly Dating Chinese Actor Yang Yang

Shipping Culture in Fandoms. Gfriend Announces Summer Comeback. Well said Amber, loving you for who you are is what exactly people should care about the most.

They are all look extremely stunning especially Victoria. Victoria is a rapper as well. Victoria had a high fever so she could not perform today.

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Plus, her hair is like a guy. It had all kinds of clips I never found. Join, female entitlement dating post and win goodies with your favorite Kpop bands shipped directly to your home for. Amber likes mangoes but allergic to them. They even released a music video and choreo and everything!

Now when you see Amber, notice the way she dresses and the style she chooses. That is what made them popular. Sulli calls Amber hyung, midlife dating tips not oppa. So many fans are hoping to have a reunion that could make thier heart skips a beat.

She is sort of the odd one out but then she's what makes F x unique apart from their music style of course. While all of her other members wear a skirt, heels, and dress, Amber likes to dress up like a tomboy by wearing shorts, shirt, and sneakers. South Korean singer and actress. She has prevailed as evidenced by her singing as well as rapping skills.

F(x) Members Profile

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This is great because it is good to have different members from other countries because it shows that the Korean entertainment industry is open to other countries by looking for talented singers. The couples have been love by so many fans all over the world. If another member is considered Lead Dancer is Krystal who was always the third dancer of the group. When Sulli was in fourth grade, she was accepted into S.

When I list these groups it's not like you see them as basic at all, all of them are unique. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It was said that a girl hit Krystal and asked her to break up with Kai. She really deserves the love.

Now they are always going on with their personal schedules and seldom see them unite. With a much more masculine look than any other woman in Korean pop. That's just my opinion tho.

  1. Korean version of Hana Kimi.
  2. Best Couple Award with Choi Min-ho.
  3. We gave you credits in the post.
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  5. Basically, while the other members show the fashion for females, you see the style for males.

Victoria is also not the lead rapper. It can help new fans find more info about them. Its sm's ignorance that destroyed such a group.

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You can watch it on Amazing f x. Not to mention a funny or die skit. Victoria is not a main dancer she is just a lead dancer, Luna is the main dancer.

Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Suggestions. Also fun fact about Amber, she stalks fan accounts on Instagram. Amber is the only one under weight not hating on them just worried honestly it could be dangerous.

Check this out if you haven't! Instead, she will be playing in the game. On the other hand if she were to be in a group that did a sexy concept she'd be fine because as I said earlier K. Thank you so much, I Will continue to support this show.

F(x) s Victoria drops some colourful teasers for her debut solo album

  • Hmm Victoria was always the leader.
  • The article will be corrected.
  • But better leave it like this.
  • The real men in her life versus some perverted male fans she may never meet in real life.
  • Her acting improves a lot!

Sulli has dated a rapper Choiza from Dynamic Duo. Victoria is a lead rapper. One thing that she loved doing before getting into the K-Pop entertainment industry was that she really loved skateboarding.

After the audition she was officially cast as an S. Do you know more facts about them? Did this change or something?

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But not Amber, she went for what you will see males wear during this season which is shoes, shorts, and a button up shirt. We updated the profile with their weight, but the info we found regarding their weights seem exaggerated. If you ask her to break up with him, how to then you are actually not respecting your oppa too.

Seriously, I love how Sulli deals with her dating issue. Unlike, most of the idol couples, they don't post any pics about their dating life this is their rights to do or not but I think it's mostly because of the fans. You could tell that theh were gonna break up soon. By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies.

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Sulli first came to Seoul in while in the fourth grade. Other than F x what would she being doing exactly honestly, as much as I like amber her solo stuff doesnt do that well on that well. She used to attend a pretty prestigious and strict university for it.

Netizens React To News Of f(x) Victoria s Relationship With Chinese Actor
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