Frequently Asked Questions

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They may even become distressed by being in a dark room with strangers examining their mother. This will give us multiple opportunities to establish the gender of your baby. It is important that we are able to take the time needed to ensure an accurate and thorough assessment occurs for all patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard fees will apply for your pregnancy ultrasound and you will still require a referral from your doctor. If more images are needed by either you or your doctor, these can be readily provided.

But I empty entirely and then she goes ahead and takes measurements of bubs. When you book your appointment, our reception staff will advise you of the cost of the ultrasound and the expected Medicare rebate. Ultrasound is safe for your baby.

The sonographer will then not focus on this area during the scan. You may wish to bring your partner or other support person to share in this special time. Most appointments do not take this length of time however delays are sometimes unavoidable due to difficult or complicated ultrasounds.

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Dr Ladwig will meet with you after the ultrasound to discuss your results and answer any questions. This can be particularly important if comparisons with previous ultrasounds are needed for example, following the progress of an abnormality.

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Couldn't imagine holding on for half an hour or more during the scan. We understand that you may be anxious about your ultrasound and hope this consultation provides reassurance and information. We understand that your ultrasound is an opportunity to bond with your growing baby.

We understand that pregnancy is an exciting time and know that many families are keen to find out the sex of their baby during the pregnancy. If you are late, your appointment may need to be re-scheduled at the next available time. This is usually adequate time for your ultrasound to be performed and reviewed, the report to be written, your images to be prepared, and your consultation with the ultrasound doctor. All our ultrasound images are electronically stored for ready access if needed. It has been used to assess pregnancies for many years and there is no evidence that ultrasound causes any serious birth defects or harmful effects to babies.

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We prefer payment in full on the day of your ultrasound. As bubs is so small at that stage, you need to drink that much so you have a full bladder, which pushes bubs up and makes it easier to find and take the measurements. Next time round I would definately follow the advice given, then it wouldn't take so long.

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This will give you time to relax before your scan and complete patient information forms at reception. You may not wish to wait for this consultation with our doctor and plan to just return to your referring doctor to discuss the results. We will give you images of your baby in a variety of formats, so you can share this exciting time with your family and friends.