Virtual Sailor 8

You can add more sceneries to Virtual Sailor by downloading them from the internet, or by importing digital topographic maps downloaded from the internet. User shall be solely liable for any damage resulting from any infringement of copyrights, proprietary rights, or any other harm resulting from such a submission. Avoid sailing into wind - when the auto pilot is enabled, and the boat is a sailboat, the boat will check if it is heading into wind and fall down to either side to avoid going into irons. Mip mapping - this mode allows you to reduce the size and resolution of textures seen far away, making them look more fuzzy, turn it off if you wish to see a very sharp view of all objects in sight. The program can connect using the internet and also using local networks without internet connection.

Virtual Sailor 7 Online manual

The greatest fun using Virtual Sailor can be when you play with other people, Virtual Sailor can connect to other users and let you see their boats, interact with them and chat. Virtual Sailor connects using a peer to peer connection, there is no special server you need to use, prasna astrology software any user hosting a game can be found and joined for an online session.

True motion - the map points up, and the land becomes static, your ship is moving just as it would move on a regular static map. Nice paddlewheeler still in duty. Loop waypoints - when the auto pilot is enabled, boats sail from the first waypoint to the last, if this option is checked it will start the track again upon reaching the last waypoint. For the Marine Engineers, I have also built a machinery control room.

Mega Express Three of Corsica ferries. Changing the load of a boat will make it sink more in the water and also make it less maneuverable. Capsize when tilted - when a boat heels beyond its maximum allowable heel angle, a boat can capsize, to disable this limit uncheck this option. Simple - This is the fastest rendering mode, it shows just the bottom of the sea without any underwater illumination, called caustics, which is typical to underwater view.

To control the sails using this panel, you should turn off the auto sail by dragging the switch up, then you can slider the main or jib by dragging on the instrument or upon the sail itself. In addition to setting the sea mode, you can adjust the color of the sea. Each of the existing sceneries is shown on the map as a rectangular bright area, and also is seen on the right side list. At any time you wish the program to start with default settings, you can delete the vs. To climb up drag the air valve up, this will blow the ballast and allow you to float to the surface and obtain regular surfacing state.

Each boat you shoot upon will engage you back if it has weapons of its own, simple naval combat can be started this way, and can also be held in net play mode. When you are free of any boat the left mouse button will allow you to move forward freely inside the scenery, and the right mouse button will change your direction. Virtual Sailor has two types of instrument panels, the ones you see directly on screen, and the ones you see attached to boats. Created by maxxflow and Karbine.

Visual Sailor Simulator - Marine Ship and Naval Simulator Game

In this panel you see specific information for sail boats, you see the relative wind indicator, the depth indicator, the heel indicator the sails indicator and the three reef winches. Virtual Sailor is copyright Ilan Papini Vehicle Simulator is copyright Ilan Papini The addons on this site are copyrighted by their respective owners see note below. Vessels may be controlled by keyboard, mouse or customisable game controllers. On the upper left corner you will find the sea surface settings, these select how to render the sea and which options in your graphic card to use for it. Press R to show the radar dialog, this dialog has several modes which are typical to a modern radar instruments.

Virtual Sailor supports a global scenery model, this means that whenever your boat is inside any scenery boundary the appropriate scenery is loaded for this area. Sink when collided - when boats collide between themselves or with static objects they do not always sink, enable this option if you want severe collisions to sink the colliding boats.

You can add more scenery areas by downloading them from the websites of Virtual Sailor, or by importing digital topographic maps directly. This is the most realistic mode for shallow water and calm seas, it is also the most demanding mode on your video card.

The sea in Virtual Sailor is made of many polygons and vertices, the more there are, the larger the area of the sea will be rendered with waves, but also the slower the program will run. You can run the program minimized and let it host a net play session or simulate an ongoing race. The author of this program is grateful for the excellent work and support of all these add-on makers without who's work this advanced program would not be possible.

Navigation menu

This mode is much slower than the no shaders mode because it requires each pixel to be processed by pixel shaders, turning off the glimmer will speed up the rendering. This is a very realistic form of rendering ocean waves, the shaders allow pixel and vertex shaders to render small ripples on the water, the glimmer allow the sunlight to reflect from these ripples. This screen is required to tell the program which graphic card to use, and in which mode to use it. The interior is quite detailed. To allow the program to run when minimized enable this option, it will then continue to run when you minimize it and will not take much resources as the graphics will not be rendered.

Vehicle Simulator add-ons

On the right side of this dialog you see the list of boats in scene, on the right side you see a list of available boats. Upon start the program will show the opening screen, this screen can be used to select the cruise you want to use, define a new one or adjust any of the program's settings. After you select cruise from the right side, you see the boat and scenery pictures appear above, and the description appear below.

The position screen - this screen shows your position, speed, elevation, time of day, date, heading, bearing to next waypoint, distance to next waypoint and total distance traveled. The bottom side of the screen shows your position, speed and heading, when the map is in off center mode, the position is the position of the center of the map and not the position of your boat.

Virtual Sailor is very intuitive and easy to use, any point of view can be moved and rotated in all directions easily using the mouse. This is the most realistic and demanding sea mode, suitable for deep waters and relatively calm sea. You can select how the texture will be mapped upon these tiles using the land surface list box, the densest being one land texture per tile, the sparsest being one land texture per four tiles.

Avoid land collision - when the auto pilot is enabled, the boat will check if a ground collision is imminent and if so try to avoid it. Remote View - sets the camera in a stationary position outside the boat, you can move the camera with the mouse. Help - Shows you the keys used in the program and the information about this program and your serial number, you can also see the list of keys by pressing K.

Leave boat - releases control of the boat and moves the camera outside, you can undo this by pressing Pilot View. When playing online it is recommended that all players have this option turned off, or positioning will not be the same for all players. She has a big rubber block in the bow, for quick and easy docking and cast off. Realistic pilot view - select this to make your view point fixed to the horizon, unselect this if you want the view to be fixed to the hull of the boat. Some controls can be moved if some conditions are met, for example you can drag the main sail and jib sail from side to side, but for this the auto sail must be off.

Virtual Sailor add-ons

Caustic - This is a fast view which shows some illumination effect but is not accurate enough. There are two ways in which you can change your location and be on another scenery, one is by using the map dialog, and the other by using the scenery dialog. Weather and sea conditions are adjustable, enabling different levels of play. The benefit of using a windowed mode is that it allows the program to be minimized and run minimized, and also allows resizing of the program's window to suit your needs. It is important that all players use the same land settings, especially the same land size in order for the positions of the boats to be transferred and shown correctly for all players.

The telescope and sextant are two very similar tools you have in Virtual Sailor, each with its own special use and function. Ylva is one of the ferries in the Southern Archipelago of Gothenburg in Sweden. For example of music playing objects see the Nice, Venice, Marmaris scenery and more, these appear as buoys with musical notes drawn on them. Virtual Sailor should not be used for actual navigation, the author of this program is not responsible for any direct or indirect outcome of using Virtual Sailor for real world navigation. Each object in the objects.

This mode shows you the view above and below water, to adjust the reflection use the wave swelling slider, to adjust the underwater view use the underwater visibility slider. On the left side of the screen you select the scenery from which you want the cruise file to begin, on the right you see a list of available cruises for this scenery.