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The placement of planets and currently running dashas indicated that Abhishek should go in for a job change to bring about a change in the financial situation for good. What details we need to check compatibility? Is this method only enough to finalise marraige? He was thinking of getting remarried to his first love.

What are those main doshas which may cause problems in married life? Client agreed with the analysis in full, and took the steps to reduce risks and overcome health problems. This helps us to find a right life partner. His chart indicated continuing support from his family.

It is related to behaviour and temperament. We recommended that second marriage was an option, however his anger issues and nature needed to be controlled, for the second marriage to be successful. He was miserable due to incompatibility with his wife. Guna Milan is based on the position of Moon in the Natal Charts of bride and groom.

It shows spiritual compatibility of boy and girl along with their ego levels. It measures the intimacy level, sexual compatibility and mutual love between the couple. Someone could be taken aback by your brutal honesty when you change your mind about plans they.

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Fill a simple form sharing your queries with us. We offer free and accurate horoscope kundli match.

How to come out from these doshas? Varna koota tells about an understanding between the couple. Rashi koota tells about happiness between the couple.

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Our experts recommended donations of food on specific days, for ideal outcome. The position of planets in boy's birth chart is compared with the girl's birth chart. He was recommended to go in for technical kind of fields, and keep working hard for career growth, which was sure to happen. It also tells about the physical attraction between the couple. Our experts recommended praying to Lord Hanuman on tuesdays for a good job.

Most of the people do not like such a person due to misunderstandings. Yoni koota tells about prosperity and financial status of the couple. It shows mutual attraction, control in marriage and also calculates the power equation in between married couples. Graha Maitri koota tells about family and home.

It relates to the emotional compatibility and love between partners. We need to check horoscopes of the couple to find about doshas they have and solutions to those doshas. In depth Problem solution, Practical way forward. Gana koota tells about mental compatibility between the couple.

Sheeba David, Pune Maharashtra I asked about marriage, career health for myself, my sister and my mother All my questions have been answered promptly. It shows mental compatibility, affection and natural friendship. For basic compatibility, dictionary grec romana online dating we need Rashi and Nakshatra of boy and girl.

Our experts recommended specific gemstones for his nature and simple remedies of charity on specific days, for ideal outcome. Kuja dosha or Mangal dosh.

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Imran was facing many issues in his marriage. Vashya koota tells about trust of the couple on each other. Client agreed with the analysis in full, and became aware of his own actions.

Client was already pursuing study in technical field and got the confidence to move forward. Add your birth details, contact info for communication and proceed to payment.

Client was able to plan her marriage in the correct period yoga of marriage. Our experts recommended specific gemstones for fighting specific illnesses and simple remedies of charity on specific days, for ideal outcome. With these numbers, some people believe you can predict or explain character, personality and ones Life Destiny. Marriage is the sacred bond between two separate entities, bringing them together for a long and healthy marital life. The issues were unpredictable and would also be for a long duration.

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Vedic Scholar Free Horoscope Matching. This is a Vedic compatibility method used in major part of India. We use Vedic Asta Kuta method to analyze compatibility between boy and girl.

Complete Analysis of Your Kundali Matching. Horoscope Matching Kundli Matching. Tara koota tells about the longevity of married life.

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It is related to birth star compatibility and destiny. It is related to health and genes.

This is a Vedic compatibility check. There are so many Vedic remedies for these doshas which help couple to lead happy married life. Aseem was concerned about his sudden health issues and wanted to check if it was a long-term problem?