Validating research questionnaires

Validating research questionnaires

If the reliability is there it

In our case, if the questionnaire was administered to the same workers soon after the first one, the researchers would expect to find similar levels of depression. In research, however, their use is more complex. The other type is unstructured questionnaire and questions may vary at the discretion of the interviewer. The language of questionnaires should be at the level of understanding of the participants.

It is extremely important for a researcher to know the importance of a proper questionnaire and whether it measures what it is intended to measure. Use correlation coefficient as the unit of analysis. If the questions are interpreted differently by the participants it will result in wrong answers and responses will thus be biased. This way these are expected to measure all aspects of a single trait being tested.

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It is also compared with other sources of data. Common method of self-administered questionnaire distribution is either through mail or electronic distribution. The interviewer has the opportunity to introduce the research topic and motivate the participant to offer their frank answers and questions can be clarified at the spot.

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The term back translation is highly recommended in questionnaires related to health surveys. Questions should be simple, clear and easy to understand, using minimum of words and space and only asks what needs to be asked. Coefficient alpha and the internal structure of tests. It is important to understand the local context, specific issues and cultural meanings which language carries. Closed-ended questions in contrast would ask the respondents to make choices among a set of answers in a given question.

If the reliability is there it offers an opportunity to compare results with other studies. There are several dimensions to the process of employment of a questionnaire in use. In person or interview based administration is expensive but provides direct interaction with the participant. It is essential to word the questions in a way that they can easily be understood by participant and should be according to their educational level and culture. Coding helps in data entry, as information of questionnaires in paper format are entered in data entry programs by putting in the numbers rather than writing the whole answer.

In recent era telephone use has also increased for administrating questionnaire. In our case, the researchers could turn to experts in depression to consider their questions against the known symptoms of depression e. It is important for a researcher to understand the differences between these two aspects. For measuring dichotomous variables closed- ended questions are preferred because possible answers can be easily precoded.

Telephone interviewing also facilitates in covering a large number of participants over a wide geographical area. The clarity of questionnaire has direct impact on data collected by the interviewer and responses given by the responders. Lengthy or confusing lay out of the questionnaire can also make the interviewer confused and responses administered by the interviewers may not be accurate or complete. You learn that this study used a new questionnaire to ask workers about their mental health over a number of years. Reading ease of a questionnaire can be assessed by Flesch reading ease score.

This is the subjective view of the respondents to the survey not experts. The appearance and style of the questionnaire is very important and has a very strong impact especially in self-administered questionnaire.

It appears that the Cronabach's alpha is a common test. Over the years, my associate and I developed the complex generalizability G theory.