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He hands it to Quinn and tells her she knows what to do. Meanwhile, Benson and Amaro speak with Tanya Jenkins who says it was her fault, she had been drinking and she is going to meetings now. Cassidy asks what is this, and West tells him easy cowboy as they walk into a building.

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He calls out to her and she says she just wants to get home. West asks about the prostitute that Cassidy and Cragen were banging, was she as hot as she looked? He knows she will, and then he says he got her something to remind her of that.

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Cragen tells Fin to check the back. Tucker questions that Cassidy had this the whole time and said he thought Cassidy wanted his shield back. Cragen chides Tucker for setting up his people to get killed to make his case, and then tells Tucker to get out of his office. Later, it is night and Cassidy and West are still driving around.

Fin asks if that is his sector and he nods yes. Benson thinks the other vics will be just as drunk and scared.

Tucker reminds them he was listening all night and says it was dereliction of duty, maybe. Benson raises her voice and reminds him Gretchen is drunk, but Amaro reminds her so are half the people on the street who are going home to have sex and asks what does she want to do. Meanwhile, Cassidy is now out of the car as West and Quinn continue to have guns on him and they push him forward. Cassidy says they leaned on Tanya but Tucker thinks that is subjective.

West says it is not happening and then calls in the drunk and disorderly and where they are taking her. Meanwhile, belgrade dating site Quinn is driving a cab and Cassidy is in the back seat. Cassidy says Groves is a nut job. She starts walking away as Benson asks to tell who.

Cassidy asks if it would help if there was a paper trail, and he pulls out the box key and says that Groves told him to take whatever was in the box to the New York Times. As she leaves, Benson and Amaro discuss what really happened that night and Benson suspects something did happen that night.