Configuring for External Communications

Tptp validating connection to the agent controller

There are a set of predefined filters available but for this sample you will create a new filter set named ProductFilterSet which filters out everything except packages prefixed by com. When a match is found, that agent is used to run the test. Machine A was part of the Abacus domain while machine C was part of the Cactus domain. The test suite can be chosen by entering the filename including the full path of the suite's suite. January Java-ee-config project.

Identify performance hot spots usingYou will also need the

Setting up the agent, however, was a whole different matter. Unfortunately, none of the possible reasons for failure were in fact possible.

December Examples project. The controller was to be installed on machine C and the agent on machine A how fitting.

Once we have identified this, let's drill down and see the createParser method's execution details. Identify performance hot spots using the Execution Statistics view Use the Execution Statistics view to identify performance hot spots.

Unable to create the server socket. The alphanumeric directory is created for each run and will have different timestamps. Archived Projects Archived Eclipse Projects You are seeing this because the project you were looking for has been archived. Once the test has finished running it will have produced an execution file with the details of the test run. After doing this, the Remote Agent Controller must be restarted.

Java agent not able to connect to the Controller - Community

You will also need the list of product xml files which are stored in the products. This utility performs real time polling between the workbench and agent machine. String and createParser methods as the top three methods with the highest execution time. For this example, the folder containing the product xml files is passed as a program argument.

Make sure that the squishserver squishserver. There were no firewall issues and I could connect from A to C in just about any conceivable way.

Starting the squishserver application from a shell. January Featuremodel project. You will find numerous file types listed from the execution data.

The workbench after importing a Squish test suite. Before making any such optimizations, make sure that they are supported by the code. The odd thing was that it again claimed machine C could not be found even when I supplied it as C. Also check if network drivers are up to date.

This utility performs real

Open the User directory to find the data. As you can see the method has been invoked once by the readData java.

String and createParser methods as

Showing the execution file after the test has run. Two machines were involved, let us call them A and C. We will be creating a new filter set named ProductFilterSet which will be used to profile only packages that have the com. September Swordfish project. As I stated in my original post, I was able to verify connectivity via curl.

Possible reasons could be you do not have the right permissions to connect to the test controller C. The Filter Set wizard opens. The project's workbench should now contain a new. March Voice Tools project. January Ganomatic project.

For this example theOnce we have identified this