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Dentist drill with air noise. Welcome to Halloween Sounds.

Share your sounds with us and your friends as well. My email hasn't changed at all, you can reach me at scarysoundofhalloween gmail. Go on making friend with the weird and scary sounds!

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Do you find interesting in being scared by a witch? When it comes to making your phone truly your own, having custom ringtones is a must. Witch is not really scary, right? Space Isolation seconds bpm. Due to inactivity the files would be deleted after a couple of weeks.

From the home screen, press the Menu key then choose Settings. This is why I hate when groups decide to recycle older albums and slap on a new cover and different name. Boogie Man and Witch Laugh.

Scary Whispers, durga matha telugu songs Weird Language. Scary sounds and horror ringtones.

Monstrous Music From Beyond. This is pretty much Halloween Sound of Horror the cover with the two pumpkins. Every day a new tone for your mobile phone.

More By Sound Effects Royalty Free

Inside the zip file contains artwork of covers that this particular track is on. They also created this cover for it so you would be fooled into believing it's a unique album and not a duplicate of a previously released album. The Beating In Your Chest. Select any of the available ringtones to hear what it sounds like. They added a man narrating his story onto the track.

Thunderstorm Lightning Stike. Finally something cool sounding. So I decided to buy more albums through eBay and they will come in the mail hopefully within the next two weeks so watch out for more albums being added. This looks like it was taken off a vinyl as you can hear slight pops in the audio.

When you find one that you want to use as your default ringer, simply press Okay to save your selection. It was ten years ago this month that I created this blog, sharing some of the albums that I owned with my readers. Not even the track list for this is all that creative. Feel free to share anything you want.

These sounds are something more than a weird and scary one, just enjoy them to find their attraction. Save Yourself Ghost Whisper. Scary Ringtones Horror Ghost Sounds is a free app featuring horror sounds effects and scary noises that will make you wake up from the real nightmare and horror nights! It features an array of creepy ghostly voices, swipes, hits, buzzes and bumps that are intricately arranged for maximum effect. Evil Thunder horror soundscape sirens.

Visit our channel to find more free ringtones and top apps! Dominion Entertainment Inc. These are a list of albums that I have in my collection that seem to be a repeat of scary sounds but with new covers. Scary Wind, Thunder rumble.

Watch Out For The Witches. Get all the new funny stuff emailed each day. Evil Laugh with Background Sounds. Man Scared Hiding, Evil Coming. The first is a slow walk through a haunted house where doors are opened to reveal horrors inside.

There's also a haunted cemetery and some great background sounds for haunting your house. Claire Group Entertainment decided to do was start the album in the middle of where the original was. Simply click on the link on the top of the below table. It's always good to new stuff! Another reupload this time in kbps.

This will bring up a crystal clear noises that you can set on cell phone. Spooky Night graveyard atmosphere. Thank you Greg for sharing this album with us. This is the last album that Josee has shared from their collection.

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Halloween Story Of Horror. Try playing it through your home cinema system or hide your HiFi speakers around the room and feel the sub-sonic bass present in this recording. This is a themed album which gives you four, ten minute horror soundscapes. Use these horror sounds effects as an addition to your Halloween makeup and start the scary storytelling and horror adventure now!

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Slasher's Delight - Halloween Sounds of Horror. If you are building a torture display for your Halloween decoration, this album would be great for you!

Groan Male Struggle or Pleasure. Updated with a lossless encode. Creature in the distance Large beast. This albums sounds really cool, another great album that I've never heard before. It didn't take long for them to start blocking my zip files and preventing readers from downloading the album.