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The easiest way of do this is to take out the weapon of your choice and head shot them, or go near them to melee them. Your target finder will help you a lot here. Head to the Burns Hill and take down the second group of Vice Kings. Just as he lands, charge on him with your Dubstep Gun and use Shokolov when he backs up.

After retrieving the package, go to the Port Pyror and take down all the guards in the area. Make your way to the alley and bring down the Vice Kings in the area. Freeze his reinforcements and use super sprint to destroy them all.

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Your extraction team will be on its way, but you will have to take down a helicopter with your heavy gun to get to safety. Use Telekinesis to throw the armory vehicles at the reinforcements.

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You should be aware of his Super Jump, Telekinesis, and guns. Your best bet here is to melee him when he gets near you and shoot when he tries to keep his distance.

She will make a run for her life, but you will have to chase her again. Meet Miller at the Three-Count Casino and he will let you know that doing this mission will get your powers from you. Follow Maero, which is your target by using the Super Sprint.

Get cover behind the armored truck and take down all the waves of enemies that come your way. After reaching your goal, run for the exit. Johnny Gat will help you a lot while fighting Loren. Go to the Eastern part of the area and kill the guards roaming the area. Keep watch and take down any snipers who appear on the roof tops.

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Make your way to New Baranec to merely up with Pierce. Take out the enemies along the way. You will be required to kill the hordes of zombies. You will have to steal a tank and take out stag equipment. The best way to defeat him is to freeze him to break his shield and then melee him.

Then take down the virus carrier and absorb the virus as she is down. Use Telekinesis to throw mascots into the water and look out for muderbots. After destroying all of these things, digifone online dating Cyrus will appear at the scene.

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Make sure to keep an eye out on the woman with Telekinesis and freeze her whenever she is about to throw the yarn ball towards yourself. At the end of the round, you will have to fight Phillpe Loren. Drive to the Salander and destroy all the tanks there in any way you want. Get over to Burns Hill and find the Nuclear Material located on the backside of the building.

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