Sai Bhajans

Victory to Ganesha with elephant ears and moon-like forehead. It is the support and shelter of the needy and to those who have no support.

Sing the name of Ram and Hari, who has taken Avathaar as Sai. Ferry us across the ocean of births and deaths so that we can finally merge in You. Victory to Seetha and Ram, and Radha and Krishna.

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You are fond of the cosmic dance. We try hard to follow copyright rules and regulations in placing text and sheet music on this web site. Deliver me from this world. Protect and shower Thy Grace on us.

Sai Bhajans

Sai Bhajans

Hey Ram, a million prostrations to You. You are the One who is the preserver of this Universe and who pervades every inch of this creation as the energy principle. You are the slayer of demons evils.

Siddhi VinAyaka, the fulfiller of wishes, who dispels fear in our worldly existence! Please be with us, every moment of our life. Thou art King of the Divine Forces. Pray to the Lord of Puttaparthi Sai Baba. Thou art destroyer of fear and protector of destitute.

Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans

Sai Bhajans Karaoke

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Have mercy for me, Lord Sai. He is the grantor of pure intelligence, knowledge, success and protection. Your worshippers are those who sing the glory and compassion of Ram and Rahim.

Lord Sai is very happy, if we love and serve those afflicted with miseries and pain. Victory and glory to the spiritual teacher! Chant the many names of Krishna, You are the God of Gods.

Lakshminarayana Namo Namo O Lord! Let us sing glory of Lord Sai Ram day and night, every minute and every second.

Devotional songs

Worship the auspicious Mother of the Universe, Mother Sai and Amba who has an enchanting face with a charming smile. Worship Lord Shankar who wears cobra as an ornament on His neck.

You always provide Grace to your devotees. Thou art the bestower of auspiciousness on all the devotees. Chant the name of Lord of Radha - auspicious Lord Madhava. Sai, please grant us Your Mercy. Victory to Lord Sathya Sai Baba.

Sanskrit bhajans and devotional songs in English and other languages transcribed to Western-style sheet music, with tunes, chords, text. The texts of hundreds of devotional songs bhajans in Sanskrit, English, and other languages. It is to help such devotees that we begin this new initiative to offer Karaoke tracks of a few popular and easy-to-sing Sai bhajans. With love and devotion, movie wav sing purifying and uplifting name of Lord Rama of Raghu dynasty.

Hail to Narayana, God who comes in the form of man, bow to Narayana with the lotus eyes, who rests on the ocean of milk, whom Narada praises. Recite the name of Sai who is the lover of all faiths. Victory to Lord of Janaki, Lord Rama.

Victory to the Lord of Brindavan, who is smeared with the sandal, giving joy like the fragrance of sandalwood to His devotees. Deena Bandhu Karunakara Sharana Tumhari He is the Kinsman of the fallen ones, the most merciful Lord takes devotees under His protection and grants sustenance.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Teachings - Radio Sai Global Harmony

You are the avathaar of the Age. There is no happiness and peace without chanting the sweet name of Lord Sai, the Resident of Prasantinilayam.

He is the embodiment of the life giving force, Pranava. He is so full of compassion. Reference Track - The standard tune of the bhajan along with the vocal and the instruments. Merciful protector and sustainer, full of virtues and granter of immense happiness.

Sai Bhajans Karaoke