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The living arraigment is convenient but highly unusual. The show is not renewed for the coming season and he is now unemployed at Universal and, for all intensive purposes, homeless.

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The jockey is Willie Shoemaker and it wins. Divorce preparations get underway with Ellie filing for separate maintenance citing extreme cruelty. He doesn't go through with the deal. The alcohol-fueled weekend ends badly and the couple splits.

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At night, the studio goes quiet and David, probably its only overnight resident, plays his music loud. You must have the gestation period of an elephant. David eventually leaves the hotel and rents a house at La Collina Drive with a view of the Sierra Towers apartment building where he lived with his wife Ellie.

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Those are publicity lines. The move to this house and the lifestyle it implies is a fantasy fulfilled for Janssen. It's less than a year since her break up with Janssen.

Rosemary will, after maintaining a separate residence for a time, oldie magazine dating advice move in. Rosemary and her daughter move in full time with him. Differences in style between he and Rosemary are hinted at. Henry Fonda had created the role on Broadway. Cast is to include Robert Stack and Genevieve Bujold.

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But I was the one who got up every morning at six. Their whirlwind romance has settled some and is replaced with a daily routine and a dose of reality. Some filming takes place in San Diego. Shoots another in his series of commercials for Excedrin there.

He goes first to the Gene Autry Hotel and then to a rental home. When Bujold drops out shortly before production begins, the film is delayed and Janssen is no longer available. The Palm Springs home, the former weekend sanctuary of married David and Ellie Janssen is sold as he further divests, materially and emotionally, from his married life. David, who is between films, plays the movie star boyfriend on location influencing her to move out of modest accommodations into luxurious and expensive ones at the Fontainbleu Hotel. David has a Asian cook named Teruko in his employ.

They will cease when he begins his series. Janssen plans to build a sq.

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This will come back to haunt him in his divorce trial. She may have had mental strain, but I had mental and physical. Dennis Weaver does the role instead. On this trip, David is alone with his female guest and the twin beds of the boat's master stateroom are modified, at David's urging, to make it more suitable for a couple.

The rest of the community property is divided. This film is cancelled and David will sue and settle out of court over his negotiated salary. The pictures were supposed to be held until after the divorce was final. But the project never goes forward.