Public housing in the United Kingdom

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When a car or locomotive is blue-flagged, then it must not be coupled to or moved in any manner. The former tenants of the inner city properties, were displaced far from their workplaces unable to afford the higher rents though reduced from the levels or the cost of transport. It was built during the s and early s. In a similar way, this is how the pool bottom transforms itself into the helipad. The complex had its own offices, shops and gas works.

Diamond A special track work item

Elephant Ears Metal side plates used on some large steam locomotives to lift the smoke above the train at speed. Implies a complete stop and wait for a manual operation from the panel.

When that was exhausted, peripheral estates were built on the edge of the town. Engine Lite Locomotive or multiple units lite of any cars.

Diamond A special track work item that allows two railroad tracks to cross each other at grade. Applies to air brake rework. Referred to in intermodal traffic. Later, infill estates were created on small pieces of brown field land that had been vacated by contracting heavy industry. That was riding the blinds.

It forms the bulk of a town. You dare not give the house up because you might never get another, but staying is to be trapped in a ghetto of both place and mind. This unique concept also allows for loading supplies, or boarding via port craft in any sea combination, without damaging the hull. Rules and instructions pertaining to subdivisions apply on branches.

Engine Lite Locomotive

Brotherhood Notch A notch high on the reverse lever quadrant which admitted a very limited amount of steam to the cylinder making it easier on fireman, but taking longer to get over the road. Crossover A track connection between two adjacent tracks. Brake Cylinder A cast metal cylinder with a piston that is forced outward by compressed air in applying the brakes and returned by a release spring in releasing the brakes.

Also known as dolly or dwarf. This does not allow enough time for the reservoirs on the cars to recharge and exhausts the air pressure available to apply the brakes.

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