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The nation was unified with Haiti just two months later. The Dominican Restoration War began in however, and in the country was free again after Spain withdrew. Santo Domingo's position on its banks was of great importance to the city's economic development and the growth of trade during colonial times. It was the scene of street fighting during the United States occupation of the Dominican Republic.

Arrival of Christopher Columbus. It was their charity work that brought them together, says the couple. Rodrigo de Alburquerque was named repartidor de indios and soon named visitadores to enforce the laws. July through September are the warmest. Its driest months are from November through April, however, due to the trade winds and mountains to the southwest, rain is seen even during these months.

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Zona Colonial National pantheon. The Ozama River is where the country's busiest port is located.

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The city was a prize fought over by various political factions over the succeeding decades of instability. An expedition sent by Oliver Cromwell in attacked the city of Santo Domingo, but was defeated. Getty Alejandra is the daughter of Ignacio Silva, a construction businessman and former financial vice-president of soccer team Real Madrid. French and British ships fighting at the battle of Santo Domingo From to the city changed hands several times along with the colony it headed. Bartholomew Columbus founded the settlement and named it La Nueva Isabela, after an earlier settlement in the north named after the Queen of Spain Isabella I.

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As for for Silva, it will be her second marriage. The mansion that houses the hotel once belonged to film director Franco Zeffirelli, and illustrious guests such as Maria Callas and Elizabeth Taylor once slept within its walls. The city and the colony lost much of their Spanish-born peninsular population as a result of these events which caused a great deal of instability and unrest. She has stated that the actor was an old family friend, carbon dating non organic and that love sprung from this years-long friendship at the time when she was divorcing mining tycoon Govind Friedland.

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Following his assassination in the city was renamed back to Santo Domingo. English version by Susana Urra.