Python validating sql parser

Python validating sql parser

Python-sqlparse is a non validating parser which is not really what you need. The examples in antlr need a lot of work to convert to a nice ast in python.

Sometimes trying to do things like this in argparse is just more work than it's worth. You could try looking at the gadfly a python sql database as well, but I avoided it as they used their own parsing tool.

The examples in antlr

In a complex program you may not want to open or create the file right away. So it can do any kind of testing you want. The argument type parameter is a callable function, etc that takes a string, tests it as needed, and converts it as needed into the kind of value you want to save to the args namespace. You could look at its code to see how to create your own class or function to test your inputs. Whoosh a full text search engine also uses it but I have not looked at the source to see how.

Pyparsing is very easy to use and you can very easily customize it to not be exactly the same as sql most of the syntax you will not need. For my case, I only essentially needed a where clause. The first link in the reddit post of Mark Rushakoff gives a sql example using it. Sometimes opening a file with FileType is fine, but then you have to close it yourself, or wait for the program to end. The same could apply to your database.

Pyparsing is very easyPythonsqlparse is a non