Pokemon Heartgold Version

Whether she is chosen to be the player character or not, this new character will still appear in the game. This game will soon be featured as our Retro Game of the Day! But you still have those random freezes so you have to save often and that kind of gets annoying i wish someone would have fixed this game.


Pok mon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions

Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. The player goes back to Pallet Town and visits Professor Oak in his laboratory. Upon entering the gate, two Team Rocket Grunts charge them to go through.

So if you enjoyed the original, I highly recommend this game. This way, you can truely personalise your experience. Lance then takes the player to a back room and tells the player that they are admitted into the Hall of Fame.


They will only appear on Thursdays and Saturdays. For more emulators, check out our extensive emulators section. The player encounters the Legendary beasts in the Burned Tower and they run off around Johto. They are cutting off the tails of the Slowpoke that are sacred in Azalea, intending to sell them for a large profit.

When the player enters the League, they must face all four in sequence. Thank you for your nomination. They head downstairs and receive a message that Professor Elm has something for them. After a hard-fought battle, the player defeats Red, becoming the new champion of Kanto, and Red walks away without saying a word.

Jasmine, relieved after getting her Ampharos's medicine, goes back to taking Gym challenges. Blue then goes back to his own Gym in Viridian.

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It is made even better with the many new features added and the pokewalker is a surprisingly useful and enjoyable accessory. The player goes to the Gym and retrieves the Machine Part. The player then is allowed to go through the Ice Path and to Blackthorn City.

The player then goes into the tunnel, where a Team Rocket Grunt says they are looking for new recruits, then dresses the player in a Team Rocket grunt's uniform. Please feel free to edit this section to add missing information and complete it. For starters, share this page with your friends. The second generation of pokemon was my favorite and to see it remade is just awesome.

Pok mon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions

Uploaded by kegdawg Report. When the player reaches the exit of Victory Road, Silver appears again and battles the player. Once there, a Team Rocket Grunt tells the player only Team Rocket members are permitted to enter the tower.

The player defeats the grunt who admits that he dropped the part in the Cerulean Gym. The man from before then finds the girl as she mentions that the player was playing with her. Boxart of Pocket Monsters SoulSilver. Then the player is allowed to go east of New Bark into Kanto.

Pok mon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions

Once the player enters the basement, they are once again encountered by Silver, who intends to defeat Team Rocket all by himself. Once the player gets to the very bottom of the basement, they find the Tower's real Director. It also features much more such as new sidequests, gym leader rematches, and more. The player travels back to Viridian City and challenges Blue in his Gym, which does not seem to have any specialty in types, and defeats him to earn the Earth Badge.

Enjoy taking your pokemon everywhere around Johto and the Kanto regions, try to catch them all Poke'Mon! However, don't be discouraged this is still a great game, as is the fourth generation of Pokemon. But that takes time However, don't be discouraged this is still a great game, microsoft 2010 installer as is the fourth generation of Pokemon.


Look up all legitimate and official revisions to list them in a version history. This remade version has a lot more updated features to it, so your not playing the same game with just better graphics. It's actually a remake of Crystal version, which had a major lack of difficulty even in end game battles.

Textures will go terrible but at least you can save and start the emulator over. This game is one of a kind.

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