Pericles biography yahoo dating

Pericles biography yahoo dating

Of particular importance, he fostered the power of democracy, which was a very radical idea. Pericles was born into the first generation able to use the new weapon of the popular vote against the old power of family politics. They thought Athens was growing too powerful. In or Pericles carried a law confining Athenian citizenship to those of Athenian parentage on both sides.

Euboea and Megara revolted. One of the first things he did was sponsor the playwright Aeschylus and his play The Persians. His morale undermined, he burst into tears and not even Aspasia's companionship could console him. They had fallen, he said, in preserving a way of life that he described in detail. Pericles grew up during the time of the Persian Wars.

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However, before his period of exile was up, Cimon returned to lead Athenians in a battle against Sparta. The fact that he was at the same time a vigorous statesman, general and orator only tends to make an objective assessment of his actions more difficult. He also conquered the Thracian peninsula of Gallipoli and established an Athenian colony in the area.

It was an important point in the history of democracy. According to the most stringent provision of the decree, even proposing a different use of the money or ships would entail the penalty of death. Together with his allies, Pericles helped to strip these men of their power. One hundred years later, an orator argued for firm distinctions of status on the ground that the law provided even the poorest Athenian girl with a dowry in the form of her citizenship.

This picture is softened somewhat by what is known of his personal life. Because of his family's wealth, Pericles had some of the best teachers in Athens. Pericles grew up in the Ancient Greek city-state of Athens. He also avoided convening the ecclesia, fearing that the populace, outraged by the unopposed ravaging of their farms, might rashly decide to challenge the vaunted Spartan army in the field.

This picture is softened somewhat by