Yoon Eun Hye Picks Among All Her Leading Men and Lands on Gong Yoo as Her Ideal Type

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Korean Drama Actor Gong Yoo

To get a feel for how hot he is in this movie, check out this Gong Yoo cut of S Diary. After the re-watch, though, my Gong Yoo love got derailed by a brand new fangirl crush on Jang Hyuk brought on by Chuno. His shirtless scenes took my breath away. To be honest, this shirtless scene did nothing for me, though I did think it was played out nicely and very funny. The man was chiseled from head to toe.

Such a glorious feast

Not only was he hot, he did fabulously in the acting department, and always came across as very natural and likable. So not the case with Gong Yoo. Such a glorious feast for the eyes. Ok, lest you take issue with the relative lack of photos of him clothed, let me say that I do appreciate him clothed too, thank you very much.

And when he was the teenager acting as a cool grown-up all dressed up in a suit, he was dashing and all kinds of hot. May cause spontaneous combustion, ovary explosion or related affliction. And then, when the shirt came off, he was jaw-droppingly delicious.

Not only wasSo not the case with Gong

Sweet, funny, playful Gong Yoo. Plus he was perfectly believable as both the cool, bad boy and the head-over-heels smitten boy.

Gong Yoo went on a diet for three months to reduce his body fat. So of course, he had to be my first featured K-love.