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Using express trying to burn a dvd movie express doesn't give the dvd burner option, only image. You can preview your project in the next screen and, then continue on to the Burn screen where you can select your drive and burn. One thing I asked but don't think I got an answer to is, did you run the check for updates from the Nero ControlCenter after the new installation? This is something I've seen many times.

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As such, I don't think you can write to it. What I wanted you to do is let it finish and then provide a screenshot of what's under the Drive tab for the problem drive. When I chose dvd it will not let me chose the dvd burner only image recorder.

In addition, when you open Nero Express, what selections are you making? The product's developers claim that it supports every make and model of disc burner on the planet. You should install the updates.

Does that make any difference? Keep your drivers up to date. Record and edit audio files using various filtering and sound optimization methods. That doesn't guarantee everything will work. You should run it in a compatibility mode.

Save your favorite Internet videos to your hard drive. As I said before I had this issue on my old system and a Lady helped me to set up for this, but I forgot how we did it, I'm sure it was in vision but I tried and I can't figure it out.

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Post a screenshot of the window. Discover the Nero Classics. There is a setting in Nero Vision that I am missing How does this make you feel? The reason I asked is because searching for firmware for this drive results in a lot of various results. It still points to a firmware issue.

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Swim in sync with your media! Thank you for all your help.

It's not detecting your drive so it automatically reverts to the Image Recorder. Ok I did that but still shows no write on dvd, still the same. If you have any changelog info you can share with us, we'd love to hear from you! Mix digital music tracks or digitize your analog music collection.

The next screen is the menu editing screen where you can either create a menu or select not to create a menu. Did you run the check for updates? Ok I'll do that but first I'm going to uninstall and reinstall the program. That having been said, there is a great deal the beginner can do with this extensive suite, and the less experienced user should at least try out the software and see what it can do for them. My old unit did that too when I first got it and someone there helped me through it but I'm not able to get it this time again.

Thank you for all your help How does this make you feel? Nero Platinum is a comprehensive media management solution for the Windows platform. You can send an e-mail to techsupport nero. Nero MediaHome Nero MediaHome is a free application that helps you to manage your digital media collection. The only thing I can see about your drive is that the Region Code is not set.

Had the same issue a few years ago and a Lady there showed me how to setup so express will give me the dvd option instead of just cd. You can add nothing and go to the burn setup screen. Do you have a Dell system? Your digital assistant for completely successful multimedia projects!

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Acknowledged In progress Doesn't need answer Answered. It can open, create, edit.

The Multimedia King in the Software Jungle. Yes it can read, and yes it is a Dell How does this make you feel? The music and audio cd gives an option for burner and image recorder. If the only option there is the image recorder, then Nero isn't detecting your drive s.

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For all and previous versions. The setting change is in Vision. Can you please pass me to someone else or ask for help. You can change that in Vision. It's really the only thing I use the program for.

There is a setting in Nero Vision that I am missing. Nero BackItUp is a cloud storage solution and a component of many Nero suites and applications. Nero MediaHome is a free application that helps you to manage your digital media collection. Please look at my earlier emails, batman dark knight for ask around maybe send me some screen shoots of what the setup should look like.

On my old system I have a choice here, and that would be the burner. Nero TuneItUp is an optimization, tuning and maintenance tool for the Windows platform.