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Well, concerning genres you're spot on. Death Metal music artists. By imposing this structure you are more likely to come up with something holistically consistent. When I leave it to automatically sort albums all I need to do is drop it on the application and it copies it to the appropriate place.

MP3 genres one size does not fit all

That sounds a quite simple solution to solve genre consistency, but I think it's quite powerful. Initially this will be manual, as normal. Progressive Metal music artists. For heaven's sake, though, if you resort to maintaining your collection by hand, do so because you actually enjoy the grunt work involved, and not out of the delusion that it's necessary unavoidable.

Well, there are a number of lists available on the Web that can make a good start point. Other blogs Audiostream Computer Audiophile Darko.

This gives you some information but, because people decide to use the genre tag for different purposes and record genres in different ways you soon end up with an inconsistent music library. Once these selections are applied, as usual, bliss applies the assessment and fix cycle.

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Program(s) to sort MP3 files into subfolders
A blissful approach to automatic MP3 genre classification - bliss

Progressive music artists. Whether this is possible may depend on whether the merged genre makes sense. Where else should they get the data from?

If we toss out file names and directory structure we then have to rely on the database. Too many genres or too few, some too specific, some too broad, some plain wrong. You could also consider merging top level genres which have few recordings within.

This is especially true when you consider that the thread was created to gather opinions. But I finally got rid of both. Otherwise Foobar should've been able to sort it And so will Media Monkey. Media Monkey is pretty good at tagging based on the file name. Going through by hand did have some advantages though as I found a few files in places they did not belong.

Fundamentally, you will use a genre tree to specify which genres are allowed in your music library. If bliss sees an album with a genre that is not ticked, poweramp player for android then it is marked uncompliant.

MP3 genres one size does not fit all - bliss

You seem to be the main one doing that, and it's just distracting you and others from the other really, really cool stuff that you're posting. Misuse of the genre tag, for instance where artist names are re-populated in the genre tag This being bliss, genre classification will be rule based.

How do we grade questions? My biggest issue these days is going back and getting album art scanned in or downloaded for a lot of my previously ripped discs. But then again, that's what a good ad bot would do, huh?

An out-of-balance genre tree. Helium sounds interesting as well. The existing genre is looked up in the genre tree.

But, I can't really be sure what the culprit is in your case. One way of controlling your genres is to decide on a list of genres that you will allow in your collection, and then make sure all of your music complies with this list. Trying to even open the folder in Windows Explorer took half an hour.

The problem is, as you described, that the data in this databases is not really satisfying. It's named with the complete filename. Genres are now easier to navigate and your classification better reflects your own tastes.

But what list of genres should you choose? Take the older music collector stereotype above. Instrumental music artists.

Or I'd like to have new folders created for them. Receive one email per month.

On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam. Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. The sorting format I use is to create sub folders A-Z under the main directory.