Nathan West and Maxie Jones

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Nathan West and Maxie Jones

Eventually, Spinelli finds out, and says he can forgive Maxie, but their relationship remains strained. Maxie is hesitant to try and get her daughter back, because of her past decisions. Jones Brighton Hertford is in a car accident, leaving her brain dead. Nathan also suggests that Maxie stay but she says she has to leave to find herself. She starts avoiding her family and Spinelli, unable to deal with her guilt.

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When Lisa is killed, Maxie is a suspect, along with Matt and several others. She also flirts with Johnny, but the two never establish a relationship. Maxie was conflicted between Spinelli and Nathan, but made a rash decision and broke up with Nathan after catching him and Spinelli fighting over Maxie. Hoping to reignite their romance, Spinelli sets up a fake case for Maxie to help him with, but the plan goes awry, and they end up trapped, with Spinelli injured and Maxie suffering from hypothermia.

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When Ellie finds a job in Portland, Spinelli is reluctant to follow because of Maxie and their daughter. They got back together and are in love. Instead, he breaks up with Maxie. Spinelli agreed, and the two broke up amicably, while Maxie reconciled with Nathan. Spinelli returned to town with Georgie, and told Maxie he was hoping they could have a second chance after Ellie broke up with him.

After they leave, Maxie decides to leave town to find a way to move on. Hoping to win Spinelli back, she annuls her marriage to Matt and confesses her feelings to Spinelli. Spinelli tries to prove Maxie's innocence, and discovers the real killer was Matt. Maxie visits her, and they slowly become friends. Spinelli finally tells Maxie off, saying that he's done wasting his love on her.

He was a member of the Westbourne family. Levi and Nathan clash frequently over Maxie, specifically of Maxie regaining custody of Georgie. Lulu slowly starts to break down and is admitted to a mental institution.

Whether it is about the mother-daughter bonding time or the blossoming romance she is having with Elias Reidy, Kirsten Storms is a great communicator. Maxie and Cooper reconcile right before Georgie is murdered.

Maxie ended up miscarrying as their surrogate, and found Spinelli upset after believing Ellie broke up with him. Maxie became jealous, and realized that she was falling in love with Nathan, and had moved on from Spinelli. Maxie asks him to keep quiet and let her take the fall. Lulu accidentally stabs him to death in self-defense.