Local government areas of Queensland

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Once this had been done the

Once a municipality had been proclaimed, ratepayers could elect a council to represent them. Once this had been done, the Governor could proclaim the change, and residents could then elect a council to represent them.

As a result of its recommendations, the Goss Labor government then in charge amalgamated several councils and a new Local Government Act was introduced. This was in part due to the number of financially weak councils with small populations in rural areas, dating from an earlier time when industry and population had justified their creation.

Elections were to be

Elections were to be conducted by postal ballot. In most other respects, the Local Government Act followed on from the Act.

Viable proposals would then be put to a referendum of citizens in the former shire for a majority vote on de-amalgamation. It introduced adult franchise into local government elections, bringing them into line with the state and federal parliament previously the voters were restricted to ratepayers. During the Queensland state election campaign, the Liberal National Party promised to reconsider the amalgamations. In all four cases, a majority voted in favour of de-amalgamation. These bodies had quite different responsibilities to traditional local governments due to the nature of land ownership involved and the different relationship of the council to the community.

Once a municipality had been proclaimed