Koralaina ir slaptas pasaulis online dating

Koralaina ir slaptas pasaulis online dating

This clearly shows that he had to be living after the Greek astronomy was introduced into India. However, not much is known about Kalidasa's personal life and background, though there are several legends and tales about his life. It was only in the time of Pope Gregory in that further refinements in the Julian calendar were introduced and the year started from January first. This would also provide a clue about his time in the discussions later on. This has inspired the author to take up this task of finding out the actual time of the poet Kalidasa.

The fact that Kalidasa knew about Greek astronomy was a very helpful clue.

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The same applies to the time of Kalidasa. This is the reason that on finds the use of nakshatras in the Mahabharata and the Valmiki Ramayana.

The practice in India before this event was that the year began after the winter solstice Uttarayana. He writes that the late Sungas ruled from Bhilsa in Central India after losing their kingdom at Pataliputra. Some other details in this respect are also provided later on in this work.

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There are several things which should be borne in mind when researching the problem of the time of Kalidasa. This further confirmed that he must have lived in times after the Greek astronomy was in use in India. Those who believe this, think that it is very unlikely that he Kalidasa would have made this obscure king the hero of his play unless he Kalidasa belonged to that period.

Next we come to the time of the king Vikramaditya in whose court Kalidasa was present. It is a very scholarly work by Pandey in the fifties. Kalidasa's association with the above two. Kalidasa is also known for his famous poems. The last work is his most famous play.