Jay and jenna real world still dating after 3

Jay and jenna real world still dating after 3

Clay confirmed in early September on

The next day, the roommates pack their bags and reminisce about the season before going their separate ways. However, they may find it even scarier to leave Paradise without each other.

The cast talked about the season finale and how Jenny seems to think that Brian was possessed by a demon during the last night. John and Olivia are also reportedly still dating in the real world and trying to make things work.

After the cast gets drunk on their last night, Brian goes crazy and attacks his fellow cast members. As time winds down in the house, Jamie and Thomas discuss whether or not, they should get into a long-distance relationship. Lastly, they talked about who would want to compete on The Challenge.

Ashley is apparently living in Paris with her boyfriend, Francis. For one couple, the woman has been ready to get engaged from the moment they met, while her love-at-first-sight hasn't been moving quite as fast. He is focused on his watch line and is donating half of the proceeds to cancer research. Later during the finale, the cast will reunites and everyone will share the current status of their love lives. He is forced to spend the night in a hotel.

Krystal even went as far as to say she couldn't imagine her life without Chris in it. Astrid and Kevin have been together for most of the season and appear to be completely smitten with each other. Despite temptation, they haven't given up yet. Jay went back home to New York City and spends more time with his father in the wake of his mother's death. Kendall and Joe also apparently sparked their flame again once they left Mexico and escaped the Bachelor world.

The feud between Ashley and Jamie is also discussed and they agree that they will never be friends. Chelsea has traveled to Florida twice to visit Nick, Carbone says, including a trip that she took about three weeks ago. He and Jenna are not together. True love and commitment are daunting for both of them, given neither person has experienced it before.

Jenny also returned to Los Angeles and got back together with Brian, who moved in with her. Lauren's pregnancy was also brought up but she did not give too much details away.

Krystal has faced temptation in Paradise, like when Connor Obrochta entered the picture, but she decided to see things through with Chris. Chris and Krystal as well as Jordan K. Both individuals will have to put their cards on the table to truly see if they do, in fact, feel the same way about each other.

Kendall and Joe have been serious for a while now, and John is serious about Olivia. And the final couple is surely in love, but they have a lot of doubts, stemming from troubled family situations growing up. Carbone says the couple will break up at the cocktail part preceding the final Rose Ceremony.

But the couple will allegedly shock fans and decide to split before the round of overnight Fantasy Suite dates as well. The couple is smitten with each other and has even discussed baby names, so Jordan K. Viewers have watched a series of cast members come and go, with love blossoming in between arrivals and goodbyes.

Clay confirmed in early September on social media he is dating Angela and they are crazy about one another. However, he seems eager to catch up, so viewers will find out whether his feelings will get there in time for a storybook ending. Jenny decides to never to get back together with Brian, because she doesn't know who he is anymore. The cast also called Jay out for being a shady liar during their time in the house with Arielle stating that she does not want to have fake friends. The original Ashley is brought out and talks about her insecurity, the regret she feels about ripping up Jay's phone numbers which cost him time with his mother.

Thomas graduated from college and hopes to become a dentist one day. But she simply wasn't hearing it. While in Los Angeles, Kendall and Joe attended a Dodgers game together, so there is clearly still potential between them to find lasting love.