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The people already blind of raki, began to sing duets from one table to another. All the guests seemed to be regular and Turkish customers, except us and another couple of Italians. We finally understood why it is called the Blue Mosque when we entered the interior and saw the thousands of blue tiles that adorn the dome and the walls of the mosque. After lunch, we leave to look for the entrance of the funicular Beyoglu or Tunel.

Probably the Worst Attempt in Recent Times. It can give away our age and our vitality. Kriti Sanon ready for marriage?

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It is ordered, clean, neat and beautiful, at least in our eyes. We arrived in Taksim, a huge square. After lunch, we leave for Eminonu. In this area, there are many hotels and places to eat. Seeing a restaurant near it we enter there for lunch.

Director just failed to edit their characters and utilise their acting talent. The car waits in front of the hotel door.

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We arrived at the Sabiha Gokcen airport the one on the Asian side after midnight. The passengers who had arrived with us had already disappeared.

They gulp half a bottle of raki, sing a song, and have another round of raki. The atmosphere in each mosque is perceived differently. We did not go to celebrate at any local club or the various street parties that are around the city.

This film is one of the best examples of bad direction and screenplay in the recent films I have seen. The first half of the film is bad and the second half is worse. In this sense, without detracting from this mythical place, I am undoubtedly a fan of the souks of Marrakesh. Also, they are not invasive or talk to us all the time. There you have to pay a ticket to see the palace and another one if you want to enter the Hall of Mirrors.

Ista Sakhi Movie Songs - Ista Sakhi - Varun - Anusmriti

Cinematography in the film is second grade. In photos, it looks spectacular.

New Hindi Video Songs

New Hindi Video Songs

Thousands of stores are distributed in its streets. It offers the traveler a mix between the Asian, Arab and Western culture that will surely leave no one indifferent.

Debut actors Varun, Bhasker and Sriram have nothing special to do in this film. We enter and Hagia Sophia receives us with a scaffolding too big and all the majesty that the centuries give. We ordered soup, calamari, a very rich lamb kebab, honey chicken, pasta dish, burek, drinks, and desserts. It is the largest city in Turkey and the third largest in Europe. Upon arrival we hear the call to prayer, that was really magical.

It was the last morning of walk and surprises. So we went to rest at the hotel.

At the exit, we bought chestnuts and corn cobs. The blue mosque seems to us a magical place, like so many others in this city. They smoke hookah, play burako or cards and drink a lot of tea.

When we are already in Istiklal Caddesi it rains again. Everyone was kind and helped us whenever we needed it. In this process Varun gets rejected by a girl Lilli. In the rain and the extremely cold weather, we went to see the Topkapi Palace, the administrative headquarters of the Ottoman Empire.

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The idea was to go and have a drink in the cafe but besides being cloudy, it was getting dark. We ordered a durum rolled kebab of chicken, a soft drink, and an orange juice. Despite the cold, everything looked nice. Almost all the women joined her in dancing after a while, until finally a few men finished dancing with her on the table.

It was a perfect climax for an intense day in which we soaked up with the five senses of Istanbul. We will return to Istanbul. But when we arrived we were surprised that there is not only one immense mosque, but several that dot the urban landscape of Istanbul. After a few more drinks between songs, in the same restaurant, to digest dinner, that winter the wind blows we went to sleep. The parishioners accompanied him with songs very often.