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Anandan's star power enables him to win the election as he uses his films to spread his political propaganda. Anandan's friendship with Tamizhselvan grows as a result, and Anandan is introduced to Tamizhselvan's political party which is led by Velu Annachi Nassar. Anandan is paired with a rising actress Ramani Gautami for the film.

Four dialogues from the film were subsequently cut. With the help of Tamizhselvan's dialogues, Anandan floors the director during the audition and is hired as the hero of the film.

Mani Ratnam Suhasini Maniratnam G. Discography Awards and nominations. Tamizhselvan receives the news that Anandan has died. At this time, Tamizhselvan encourages Anandan to use his popularity to help the party gain attention.

He attends the funeral but is unable to see the body as it is being dressed for the funeral parade. While in the car, Kalpana, Anandan's assistant, and his driver meet with a fatal accident. Ramachandran enjoys a semi-divine status in of his own, in Tamil Nadu.

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The Duo is a Indian Tamil -language epic political drama film co-written, produced and directed by Mani Ratnam. Anandan retaliates by forming his own party to stand in the election. At one of the shootings, Anandan is greeted by his mother and uncle with the news that Pushpa has died due to a freak accident in her house. As Tamizhselvan jubilates at his party's victory, a depressed Anandan is forced to return to old ways of playing extras in the movies. That time, Ayya Veluthambi dies and Tamilzhselvan becomes supreme leader of the party, with help of Anandan.

When Anna passes away, both Tamizhsevan and Anandan's names come to the fore as the party's new leader, and Tamizhselvan is voted the new leader. Initially he thinks that as a rumour but later is proved true. The film had its soundtrack composed by A. When Anandan returns to Madras, he is greeted by the bad news that the production of the film has been cancelled due to financial difficulties. Accolades Filmography Madras Talkies.

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At this juncture, the party leader Velu Annachi Nassar passes away. An infuriated Anandan chases the flamers away from his car, but has doubts in his mind nevertheless. At this juncture, the party starts to contest in elections.

The film was shot across and schedules were canned all across India from Kerala to Leh with Mohanlal stating that it was the longest duration he had shot for a film. Rahman with lyrics penned by Vairamuthu. An infuriated Kalpana walks out and starts doing social work. Ramani comes to Anandan seeking refuge, and Anandan marries her. Anandan is elated and calls up Tamizhselvan, who abandons his pregnant wife while she is giving birth to rush to aid Anandan.

After the shooting for Iruvar was completed, Mani Ratnam asked Prakash Raj to dub in Tamil himself for the first time, with his work taking four days to complete. The film was later retitled Iruvar The Duo and the idea to make a film on the lives of s Tamil Nadu political icons M. The film's soundtrack features six songs composed by A. The wedding takes place in the same place where they first met, prompting some memories and sly smiles from both of them. Tamizhselvan, 3d rpg games for pc who just gets released from jail also slows down in his tactics to dethrone Anandan as age catches up with both of them.

But before the election, during a fine shoot, Anandan is shot in neck by a freak accident. He writes dialogues for Anandan once again and the movie starts rolling. He grows to the party's ideology as time passes by.

The next morning, Ramani tries in vain to wake up Anandan, but he had died in his sleep. He, however, keeps Anandan only as a party spokesperson and doesn't provide him a cabinet position.

Anandan then marries a village belle, Pushpavalli Aishwarya Rai while Tamizhselvan marries another village girl, Maragatham Revathy under the supervision of the party leader. Rahman Indian political films Films shot in Chalakudy Indian political thriller films Film duos Films set in the s Films featuring an item number. At the conclusion of the wedding, Anandan loses his footing and falls. Anandan meets Kalpana again while she is doing social work after a while, and sends his assistant Delhi Ganesh to bring her back.

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During the wedding of Ayya Veluthambi's granddaughter, Anandan and Tamizhselvan meet each other and share a gracious handshake. While in the car, Kalpana, Nambi, and his driver all meet with a fatal accident.

Karunanidhi and their influential relationship between Tamil cinema and Dravidian politics by Mani Ratnam was sparked by a conversation he had with renowned Malayalam author, M. He however keeps Anandan only as a party spokesperson and doesn't provide him a ministry position. Meanwhile, Anandan, after his marriage with Ramani, calls up a new actress to audition to be his next heroine it was a norm for an actor to work with same actress repeatedly during those days.

He even loses motivation and doesn't act some parts out well, causing further demotion in his roles. Anandan is paired with a rising actress Ramani Gauthami for the film. Tamizhselvan, who just gets released from jail, also slows down in his tactics to dethrone Anandan as age catches up with both of them. The film ends as Anandan's body is paraded across the streets, mourned by a legion of film fans and politicians, finally coming to the crematorium and being cremated.

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On account of this the movie invited much criticism from both the camps. Ramachandran is shown as a person who meets his match in the wiles of J.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tamizhselvan travels down to console a grief-stricken Anandan of his wife's death. Under his uncle's help, Anandan is given an opportunity to audition for the lead role in a forthcoming film.