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As stated earlier the offence of witness intimidation is a serious one and if you are accused of witness intimidation you should seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible. So if a subsidiary benefit of the intimidation is their not giving evidence for example but the main benefit or motive is something else then the offence is still made out. In case of human beings, threatening behaviours may be more completely modulated by social forces, or may be more mercilessly plotted by individual egotism.

As stated earlier the offence of

Intimidation legal definition of intimidation

If you find yourself in such a position contact Quentin for an expert view. As the offence almost inevitably involves the word of one person against another it is vitally important that someone accused of such an offence is skilfully and ably represented. This of course imposes a reverse legal burden on the defendant. This was said to be even where the reverse burden goes to an ingredient of the offence rather than a special defence.

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