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And like others have posted, people lie and post different pics.

But as far as just kissing is concerned, it's no easy and natural because people start kissing from a very early age. You're not a whore, darlin'.

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But do take your time about hooking up and don't be afraid to start kissing even if you're not so good the first time or so. Hooking up isn't the best thing to be doing anyhow because you don't really know the guys all that well. Usually, of on line dating couples do more than kiss when they hook up so I don't know what exactly you have in mind. All that just to have an orgasm?

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Also, pay attention to how you're being kissed and if you like it, then do the same back. There's no special technique needed and the only requirement necessary is that you like the person you're kissing so that you don't have to pretend.

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