Honda Trx 350 Manual


Incorrect Faulty battery Check the battery condition using the recom- mended battery tester. Check for smooth choke knob operation and lubricate the choke if required. If the tighten the bolts to the specified torque in a ring gear shim is crisscross pattern in several steps. Make sure the battery is fully charged and in good condition. Check the throttle lever for smooth operation.

Be sure to install Install the mainshaft and countershaft assemblies the thrust washers. Page Install the four bolts and tighten the forward bolts first, then tighten the rear bolts.

The motor could suddenly start, causing serious injury. Blow through the oil passage in the head cover with compressed air. Apply thin coat of Prussian Blue to the pinion gear teeth for a tooth contact pattern check. Air should not flow through the valve ports when the vacuum is applied, and should flow when the vacuum is not applied. Block the end of the muffler with a shop towel.

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Turn the rocker arm shaft and align the bolt holes in the shaft and holder, and install the retaining bolt. Install new stud bolts in their proper positions and tighten them.

Install a new O-ring onto the fuel valve. Install the drive shaft into the differential page Set the mounting bracket over the front mounting boss of the differential and onto the frame, then install the two mounting bolts and tighten them. Make sure the clutch is adjusted properly. Check the vacuum piston for wear or damage. Make sure that the seal rubber is installed in position and is in good condition.

Honda TRX350 Manuals

Apply grease to a new inner dust seal lips and install it until it is fully seated being careful not to damage the lips. Check the spring for damage. Install a new upper mounting nuts and tighten the nut and bolt.

Apply molybdenum disulfide grease to the left spline of the axle and install the wheel hub. An improperly adjusted headlight may blind oncoming drivers, or it may fail to light the road for a safe distance.

Check the bushings for wear or damage. Be caref ul not to Unstake the clutch lock nut. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease to the pinion gear shaft spline and install the pinion joint until the stopper ring seats in the groove. Apply engine oil to the piston pin hole and connecting rod inner surface. Measure the rear brake pedal free play at the end of the pedal.

Check the return spring and reset spring for fatigue or damage. Check the sprocket teeth for wear or damage. Check the starter spring for damage or break.

Loosen the joint boot band screw. Perform the gear contact pattern and backlash inspection whenever you replace the bearings, gears or gear case. Install the valve, spring and stopper plate into the oil pump, tonight in babylon mp3 then insert a new cotter pin from the pump body side outside and secure it. Be caref ul not to Install the cylinder over the piston while damage the piston compressing the piston rings with your fingers.


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Drive in a new bearing squarely until it is fully seated. Install the steering shaft into the shaft bearing.

Use genuine Honda replacement bolts and nuts for all suspension pivots and mounting points. Release the carburetor heater wire from the clip and disconnect its connector.

Align the right edge of the bracket with the outside punch mark on the handlebar, and tighten the upper screw first, then the lower screw. Check the drive shaft joints for excessive play or noise by moving the joints in a circular direction. Apply silicone grease to the brake lever pivot. Connect the brake cables to the brake arm with the adjusting nuts.

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Car atv motorcycle tractor excatator scooter .etcTroubleshooting

Measure the starter driven gear boss O. Install the fuel valve into the fuel tank and tighten the bolts with the collars. This position can be obtained by confirming that there is slack in the rocker arm.

There should be no continuity. Install the carburetor into the insulator by aligning the lug with the groove, and tighten the band screw. Start the engine with the transmission in neutral, and purge accumulated carbon from the muffler by momentarily revving the engine several times.

Honda TRX350 Manuals