Harry Styles and his bevy of cougars - from Nicole Scherzinger to Caroline Flack

Harry one direction dating older women

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He talked with enthusiasm about his ambitions and dreams and his energy was infectious. So, yeah, we had a short-lived thing that was just a bit of fun.

TayTay enjoyed a month long fling with Hazza and several picture-perfect photo opportunies, but then split after a row. The One Direction heartthrob was rumoured to have romped with year-old Kimberly after they were snapped out for dinner with the former Faces man and his wife Penny Lancaster. The pair went pumpkin picking at the famous Mr Bones Pumpkin Patch ahead of Halloween looking very comfortable with each other. In the sober light of day I was unsure. But after five lovely months it was me who called time on our romance.

The One Direction

Often it feels like a no-win situation. But he may just have come round to pick something up.

It's thought that the pair exchanged a few texts and even shared a cheeky snog just a couple years ago when they met up again according to the Sun. However it is true age gap relationships can have a short shelf life. Taylor is well known for writing songs about her heartbreak and Harry was thought to be the topic of several of her songs from album Red. Let's refresh our memories of the heartthrob's famous cougar conundrum.

Now Caroline has written a book about her life in the spotlight and it's rumoured there will be plenty of detail on her past relationships, so prepare yourselves Directioners. The fling was believed to have ruined her marriage, and after trying to fix her relationship in August Lucy and her husband Oliver Pope announced their split.

For Harry age isn't a limit unless it's any older than his mum. Shortly after it was revealed that the pair had been exchanging messages and then met at a hotel to have sex.

My new boyfriend was also the perfect gentleman, refusing to let me pay for a thing on our dates, carrying my bags and always opening doors. Suddenly it seemed like all the men my own age were married or in long-term relationships. We were a couple of hours into our date when he asked me how old I was. And now he's reportedly got another hot cougar to add to his growing list - none other than singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Mature Caroline Flack and teenager Harry Styles Maybe it was this same unbridled lust for life that attracted Lucy to Harry when she was on a break from her marriage.