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The animatronic that Stan was fighting also deactivates, with Stan believing it to be Goldie's doing. He manages to dodge one of the blows, causing Goldie, which was sitting in a pile of trash, to start biting the arm of the animatronic, with Stan cheering him on. His abuelita, who surfaces from the ball pit, is too.

When Dipper asks if he can take. Meanwhile, Stan attempts to fight the animatronic that is now attacking him but is unable to. She accepts the offer but reveals that she won't be in town much longer after the party as she has to return to Portland in a few weeks. As Soos grows increasingly nervous in the face of real women, he is relieved to see. That's not worrisome at all.

Standing in the ruins of the pizzeria, Soos invites Melody to the engagement party. Shortly afterward Soos meets up with Melody and they enter the pizzeria just as Stan prepares to steal the animatronic. This possession also causes the animatronic Stan is about to steal to attack him. They enjoy raking in the chips gambling, but are so successful, they're kicked out by security.

When they find him playing the game, they decide to take him to the mall to try to talk to real girls. Back in the pizzeria, Dipper, Mabel and Melody try escape the animatronics but end up being captured.

Gravity Falls Dating Sim

While her initial methods of badmouthing and manipulation are relatively tame, she will quickly descend into a homicidal rage if the perceived problem persists. Dipper and Mabel appear asking where Soos is, to which Stan replies that he had not come to work today, for the first time ever. Seeing the badger as just what he needs, Stan asks the manager to sell the badger to him, but he declines. However, her code is destroyed when her game disc is melted. As the credits roll, images of Stan and Goldie are shown having a ball in Las Vegas.

Feeling betrayed, she stalks him to the pizzeria. Soos laments that he will never get a date. Mabel and Dipper are glad that Soos managed to get a date in the end. Back at home, Soos starts up the game and is introduced to.

His grandmother then asks Soos to bring a date along to Reggie's engagement party. Stan believes the arcade is some kind of nightmare. She will do anything she can to keep the object of her affections with her at all times, as well as keep her at the center of his thoughts.

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Her eyes are a reddish pink, with highlights that increase as she is complimented by the gamer. They then decide to go there on a date at eight o'clock. Dipper and Mabel notice and they decide to repay Soos for all he does for them by getting him a date for his cousin's engagement party.

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Wendy suggests that Stan should get rid of Goldie. The next day, Stan describes to Wendy how effectively the badger animatronic conned others out of money even though she does not care. His abuelita now sneaks in before reading Soos's diary. Soos tries to get Melody away from.

Startled, Soos pauses her and takes her disc out with the intent of returning her after his date. Mabel then decides to take Soos to the mall along with Dipper to try and find a date as Stan follows them to find a replacement for Goldie. They say that the game really worked and that he can toss it out now.

Stan vows to get the badger after the insult. Soos says he could get a girl by the end of the week but quickly realizes that he wouldn't be able to fulfill his promise.

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She wears white thigh-high socks with two pink stripes near the top and pink Mary Janes. While the programmers were developing. After some small talk, they realize that they have a lot in common. Soos is reluctant to throw it out as he says that he likes. She can easily weaponize machinery, able to utilize everything from Hoo-Ha's Jamboree's animatronic characters, dating sites santa fe new mexico to the skee-ball games.