Gk reid indrani dating

Gk reid indrani dating

While the bad drama is still there, I feel like it explains the process of making a great shoot. Below, we chat with Reid about his job as a stylist, Klinko and Pal-Chaudhuri's on-camera bickering and what the future holds for the show.

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We started working together with David Bowie and Iman. That's what I want to come out of this. The Gaga and Naomi shoots were definitely a great catalyst on refocusing everybody on making great pictures. The opportunity to create more pictures with amazing artists. And really my hope out of all this was that we got to show the creative process and inspire people.

We really started to understand how what we do compliments each other. The positive spin is that we created all of these great opportunities, we created an opportunity for people to see how we make images to some degree and I wish more of that process was focused on. Which I think is really wonderful.

As much as I like Bravo, I don't really feel that comfortable in front of a camera. Gaga was extremely courteous, and professional, lovely and on point. She didn't get ruffled, she just focused on getting great pictures and kind of steered the team into focusing on the work. We did make great pictures while we were filming and that's really what I'm most excited about.

There could have been better ways for some of those situations to be handled and I'm kind of frustrated by all of it right now.

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