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Full time housemaids in bangalore dating

Their charges go up according to their years of work experience. Of course, not hiring through an agency means there is no pre-decided fee structure, and you pay what the maid asks for.

She is punctual and honest. They understand everything perfectly. Initially, I hired a maid from an agency. That is done by the third maid or by me.

For her, the vegetables are chopped by the other maids. Phir mujhe apne tareeke se kaam karne do.

Hire Full Time Maids in Bangalore

This method is felt by many to be more economical. My maid is presentable and is a damn good cook. They intentionally cause delays so they can charge overtime. Getting an understanding maid is next to impossible. Changing a maid is tedious.

Initially I hired

Mujhe pata hai main aapse achha kaam kar sakti hoon, isiliye toh mujhe rakha hai. She was coming as a partial helper. In the first three months, these agency maids are okay, but after that, they start throwing tantrums. Hi friends I am also moving to Banglore from Singapore. Besides these agencies charge you for each recruitment.

They understand everything

These agencies play a trick. Mine is a very small flat. My previous employer would put all her utensils in the kitchen sink daily. Aur agar main do din nahi aayi, phir bhi bartan sink mein pade rehte thay.

She is punctual and honest

While the first two conditions were okay, the third was complicated. She reminds me to get new curtains and sofa sets.

Interestingly, the multi-cuisine cook never cuts vegetables. She wakes up early and cooks breakfast before we wake up.