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At one point during his performance he even jumped down from the stage into the audience, a move that was met with rapturous applause and ear shattering screams. Hey, walk out the house with my swagger Hop in there with dough, I got places to go People to see, time is precious I look at my Cartier, outta control. He turns around, confused again as the doctor doesn't appear anywhere in sight. Flo Rida Official Twitter account. Flo Rida dominated the stage, and really brought the party.

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Similar artists with upcoming concerts Mark Ronson. Flo Rida began recording his second album, R.

She matched the song very well, so we went along with it. Flo Rida isn't just another rap act, his shows aren't just another rap show. Wh Read more Report as inappropriate.

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It reached the top five in nine other countries. The album was succeeded by R.


What does this song mean to you? American rapper and producer Tramar Lacel Dillard better known by his stage name Flo Rida has become a household name in recent years following a string of commercially successful singles. Next Flo Rida and the doctor are seen to be next to each other on the same beach, she following with her arms on him as he raps.


They started recording at underground studios in Carver Ranches. Whistle baby, whistle, baby Whistle baby, whistle, baby. Recording Industry Association of Japan. The single reached the No. Flo Rida Official Instagram account.

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It kind of makes me sad that many people know of his songs because they have heard them around, but they don't actually know him because they don't make that connection. The greatest thing about the concert was the fact that everyone knew all of the songs that were performed. Both songs charted in the top in various countries. He had the oddest microphone, in the shape of a horn, that the crowd just went crazy for.

This could be good for you. She has a beautiful voice. Billboard Latin Music Awards. Tramar rarely remains stationery throughout the evening as he moves around the stage making sure every single audience member is having a really great time.

Rapper singer songwriter composer. International Dance Music Awards. The song was released as the album's third official single in March as a digital download. The large venue and crowd size perfectly suited Flo Rida, as his music is so catchy and fun that it can easily entertain a roaring mass.

But we really hope you love us. Whistle baby, whistle, baby Whistle baby, whistle, baby Whistle baby, whistle, baby Whistle baby, whistle, baby. The album featured a host of guest appearances including will. Big Beat Records Atlantic Records. Australian Recording Industry Association.


Save this event to your plans and we'll remind you when it's coming up! Early on in his career one of his sisters, Julia died due to bronchitis. Whistle, baby, let me know Girl, I'm gonna show you how to do it And we start real slow. Can you blow my whistle, baby? He would often bring his group around when performing with him.

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He then turns her way and once again, she doesn't appear. You just put your lips together And you come real close Can you blow my whistle, baby? Some of his sisters would sing in a local gospel group.

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It opens with a female doctor followed by Flo Rida walking into an operation room with a quick shot of Wynter then Wynter and Flo Rida standing beside one another. The next scene displays the pair with the doctor seducing Flo Rida then comforting him with food. Flo Rida looks at the camera, instrumental love songs for weddings smiles and closes the door as the video comes to a close.