Ennamo nadakkudhu online dating

Ennamo nadakkudhu online dating

The romance is also quintessentially filmy. It's a solid outing for Premgi indeed. Editors Praveen-Srikanth keep the film racy and the packaging is pretty good, save a couple of songs. Saranya's role is abruptly cut short and the impact is lost.

The climax sequences

How he gets out of the ensuing mess and pressure is the crux of Ennamo Nadakkudhu, where quite a lot is happening in a packed second half. The climax sequences have been worked out pretty well and it arrests our attention. Generally, thrillers tend to lose some bit of the tension after the revelation but this film manages to keep you on the edge of the seat till its climax and it is certainly its biggest triumph. There are many more senior established actors in the form of Prabhu, Rahman, Thambi Ramaiah and Suganya and their experience and screen presence shine through.

His onscreen friends also have well-defined parts and do pretty good. The movie would have been even racier then.

How he gets out of theGenerally thrillers tend to lose

Vijay gets into trouble with the baddies when an important job, that he is supposed to pull off, is screwed up. On the whole, it's a pleasant surprise with Ennamo Nadakkudhu - a happening action flick.

Vijay Vasanth acquits himself well and there is no needless heroism. The film is tautly written with one scene leading into another or informing the other so that there is hardly a wasted moment.