Jennifer Lopez confirms relationship with new boyfriend Drake in the cutest way over New Year

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He treats Jen with lots of respect. Jen is said to have stayed on the table for half an hour. Drake never told anyone what theater he's in or what movie he's seeing, but when Josh called security, he somehow knew. Throughout the scene, the bottle repeatedly goes from standing up to on its side. Read More She has her eyes shut and looks very comfortable snuggled up to the Hotline Bling hitmaker.

It comes as friends of the couple have said that the pair are per cent legit. Read More The Love Don't Cost a Thing star and the Canadian rapper appeared to confirm their relationship status as they both shared the same loved-up photo. They just need a break right now. Also, during the cold opening when the boys are playing ping pong, the ball hits the court before Drake can hit it.

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This is the second time Josh has gotten good luck while Drake has gotten bad luck. That also meant that Robbie got angry at Megan for locking them out. Later that night Drake lies lonely and depressed in his room until Josh comes in and the brothers reconcile over a game of ping pong ending the episode. As his exam is dropped down a grade, Josh becomes furious at Drake. The pair were spotted at the high roller table in the same hotel where Drake had performed.

Goofs When Crazy Steve freaks out and sprays himself with a spray bottle, Josh calms him down and he sets the bottle down on its side. In the scene where Drake arrives to class before Mr. Certain fans even theorised Drake targeted Jlo to get back at her ex and his rival P Diddy. Plus, when the ball hits the window, the window gets smashed before the ball could hit it. Drake, who has been pictured wearing the same necklace in recent photos, wasn't with the star in the snaps, but she proudly wore the gold chain.

Mum-of-two J-Lo, clad in a skin tight white dress, passionately kisses her new beau who can't help but grinning like a cat who got the queen. Right before Kat mentions about a zit Drake had, part of the boom mic dips into the shot briefly. Kat says Drake got a zit on his face but in the next scene where Drake is at home lying on the ping pong table looking all tired and upset, there's no pimple on him. Josh then has a good time in his life, as he gets all the questions in the exam correct, doesn't get a grade dropped due to his excellent effort, and has a good time with his friends away from Drake. There was speculation that it's all a publicity stunt for an upcoming collaboration or reality show.

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Nor can a teacher make a student take a makeup exam on a Saturday. The pair were such a hot item they were crowned prom king and queen at the bash - which thrilled J-Lo, who can be seen squealing with delight at her pink sash. However Drake can't understand Clayton due to the fact that he constantly mumbles and Drake ends up getting involved in a chemical accident, causing him to get a power shower. But while Josh wants to study, all Drake wants to do is play on his new ping pong table. Instagram It is believed to be their first public appearance together since they went public with their romance - leaving Drake's ex Rihanna furious with his new love.

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This episode is the second and final appearance of Robbie. Drake was late to chemistry but was there in time before Mr.

Drake on the other hand has a very bad time as Josh isn't there to help him, and Drake realizes that he actually needs way more than Josh needs him. But it looks like the budding romance may have upset Drake's ex Rihanna.

But it didn't take long for many of them to put two and two together. Later, Josh thinks that his life would be better if Drake wasn't in it, and considers Drake as just a roommate and nothing more. Her ex Ben Affleck is known for his love of gambling. Instagram They also are convinced that Jen will get back together with her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart.

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The first time was in Mean Teacher. If you look very carefully when Drake and Josh are playing ping pong at the end, you can see the string being used to carry the ball. In the cute picture, the musicians are snuggled together on the sofa looking very much like a couple. The pair have been friendly acquaintances for years, which led many fans to ask why the singer all of a sudden chose to stop seeing her snaps. Their performance on the empty dance floor impressed onlookers.