Dos and donts for online dating

Dos and donts for online dating

Dust yourself off and start

You'll definitely stand out from the crowd. Lap up all the attention and make the most of it. It can be quite daunting at first, bigging yourself up whilst trying to avoid sounding like an egotistical salesman. So take the time and effort to make sure your photo represents you properly. Dust yourself off and start again.

So take the time and effort

Always use the correct details like your name, your size, your hobbies and everything which you are planning to post on the internet. Be ready to face it and accept it. Ask yourself few question. This is worth considering when writing your dating profile.

Use a recent photo taken in the last year that is a genuine portrayal of yourself. Even if you think something is funny and meant lightly, it will not be well received.

This is your time in life to be selfish. It could be all of the above. An image of you engaging in a sporting activity or hobby is an excellent icebreaker and likely to attract the attention of likeminded potential matches. It would hardly take a minute. Keep it less edited and photo shopped.

So do it properlyIt can be quite dauntingYou'll definitely stand out from

So do it properly - get your friends or family to help you take a nice photo of yourself. Resist the temptation then to use an old, flattering photo because it will only cause you problems in the long run. Take the time to get to know each other. You need to give potential partners the opportunity to fall for the real you. Do a complete checkup before getting serious with anyone.

The reason is that you are trying to look out for a partner in the virtual world which can turn out as a partner in the real world. Whoever is drawn to that is good for you. Consider the factors that make you unique and indicate them in your dating profile. Be alert on what kind of details does the person is asking and how will it affect you.

Lap up all

You want to indicate your fundamental personality traits while maintaining an air of mystery. According to EliteSingles members, the worst common photo mistake is an image that is too revealing. Just because a date has been arranged does not mean that you have a ready-made relationship.