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On smaller wares, only the bottom half of this mark i. Value of a line of tableware and figurines. Some Royal Doulton items have a latte number impressed in their base.

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Latest added to earliest added. Dating System for Royal Doulton If you are lucky, your Royal Doulton piece may have an impressed date next to the trademark stamp. Dating royal doulton flambe Bunnykins range of royal doulton bunnykins set of the. Special Royal Doulton Markings Special marking and backstamps can be found on specific collections produced by the Royal Doulton Company.

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The copyright date of a Royal Doulton piece is not the best indication of age. This marking included the lion, crown and roundel. Sometimes these impressed dates are hard to see so insure you inspect your Royal Doulton item with a fine tooth-comb. We stock the quintessential shop a reputation for his depiction on many items across the same theme. Special Ware Markings Special Royal Doulton series ware marks are present on a number of collections.

Its date of introduction is uncertain, but may be as late as when the Pearson Group floated Royal Doulton plc as an independent company. The reason for the introduction and use of this new mark is not known although it may have been nothing more complex than the need for a smaller mark to fit smaller wares. Their speciality at this time was salt glazed stoneware.

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Occasionally found also between and along with B. Specific information is lacking on this point.

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See photos for date, easy reference guide to. This time including art deco clocks, Japanese tea sets, Chinese chargers and ivory figures.

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There have been hundred of artists that have worked for Royal Doulton over its lifespan. Various other pattern names will be found. The following are two typical examples found on the patterns Rouen and Kew. In the s, the company made a series of acquisitions.