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There is a circle of green and white canes on the base perimeter of the weight. Ysart Brothers Glass was not very profitable during that timeframe, so they took some financial assistance from a guy that ran Pirelli Glass.

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There are just tons that I pass by, simply because nobody can afford to buy them all. It was basically just the head of a flower with the petals coming up into the paperweight, covered in clear glass. They worked first at John Moncrieff Ltd and made the earliest Scottish paperweights during that period. You can have a lace of paperweight. Some of the paperweights had a cobalt blue background, possibly in the style of Bristol, England, glass weights.

The more valuable ones, if you can find them, are the sets where they might have used the claret spoon. What's in your fridge right now. Most paperweight collectors collect what they like, not exclusively one company.

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There are three books on Perthshire Paperweights. Perthshire calls it a miniature but it is slightly larger than a true miniature. An unknown number of those on a clear ground were finished with a diamond-cut base.

He never had any association with his father or brothers in their glass working ventures. This is the way that it will happen. Salvador Ysart died in The company name was later changed to Vasart Glass. The finest French sulphides are cast in a mold made by a skilled artist. About the Author Mary Haberstroh lives in Tucson, Arizona and she is a collector of millefiori paperweights.

Strathearn gave them to people who went into their shop or tourist areas to buy paperweights. Photo courtesy of Allan's Paperweights. Most of the friggers were of the millefiori type, not necessarily the cartwheel type.