Dating Hemingray Insulators

Dating hemingray insulators 42

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Refer to this chart to see if your glass insulator was manufactured by Hemingray. This rather obscure concern made tableware as well as oil lamps, chimneys, chandeliers, fruit jars, bottles and flasks.

Dating Hemingray Insulators

Intermountain Glass Company, Midvale, Utah c. This is the best way to get in touch with other insulator collectors. All known specimens are Ice Blue in color.

Exact stretch of years of usage of the N-Diamond mark is unclear, but it was surely in use at least during the s and s. The very last glass insulators made were produced at the Indiana Glass Company factory located in Dunkirk, Indiana, using molds that had been moved from Muncie to that location. Mosser Glass Company, Cambridge, Ohio to date. In each successive year a mold was used, a period would be added somewhere beside, above, or below the date. Always keep a lid on it when not in use, and label the bucket.

Illustration is showing the mark as seen on the base of an avocado green glass tumbler. Oxalic acid is corrosive and will eat away at metal. Brand name found embossed on fruit jars.

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But, a colon is really two dots. This rare mark, which is assumed to be linked to that same company, has been reported observed on the base of a very, very small number of bottles. Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, St.

Monarch Glass Company Compton

No mold number was generally present. There are several different patterns, and some special cases as well. Many different companies manufactured insulators.

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Newburgh also manufactured telegraph insulators, including at least some, if not many, of the insulators marketed by L. Made Miller brand beer bottles. This mark appears on the base of a very dark colored ale or beer bottle from Great Britain, probably circa ss.

Massachusetts Glass Company, Somerville, Massachusetts c. Seen on the heel or the shoulder. Generally, these were neatly aligned in two rows after the year code, looking like a row of colons. There are often dots present after the year code. Mark seen on carnival and other decorative glassware.

We love encouraging new collectors in the hobby. However, no one really knows what year the mark was first used.

The Covington factory also reopened

Monarch Glass Company, Compton, California c. Helens, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. Unknown Seen on base of wax sealer fruit jar. The Covington factory also re-opened for a short time in the period.

Even though it's a mild mixture, be safe. Hemingray is well-known among antique fruit jar collectors for several types of jars they manufactured in the mid-late s and up into the early s.