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Is Your Instrument Modern or Old (or Fake Old) by Violin Standards

He had the good sense to go beyond Markneukirchen to northern Bavaria, where the Allies were firmly in control. There were thousands of violin makers and others involved in this large industry of craft workers, many of whom worked out of their homes. Black labels indicate that the instrument was made by an outside vendor. Guarnerius and Stradivarius are the the Latinized forms of Guarneri and Stradivari. Yet no amount of label reading can replace an experienced eye.

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Hopf's were made in many diffrent areas in both Germany and Czechoslovakia Old Germany by many members of the Hopf Family which was quiet large and scattered throughout Europe. Follow the link to see some of the violins we have sold. Advanced and professional violinists alike appreciate antique violins for their richness in tone, or as a desirable alternative with investment properties. Who today would walk up to a row of brand new student violins labeled Stradivarius and mistake them for originals? She tore his heart out, threw it on the floor and stomped that sucker flat.

How to Tell If You Have an Antique Violin

John Juzek and Metropolitan Music Co. Plus I get a bow and a case thrown in. And their market value is still unfortunately underrated.

Especially old and antique violins with their mature, individual character are true companions in orchestra playing, chamber music and solo performance. In order to secure the instrument, the edges require a new lining to be added. Paste as plain text instead. Nobody knows exactly how many violins, violas, cellos, and basses were made there, but we do know that the number is in the millions. Shiny varnish, chipped spirit varnish or perfect varnish can be seen on modern instruments.

The current John Juzek string instruments are made in Europe and China. Ernst Heinrich Roth is a famous example. Like you, I am no expert, online matchmaking kundli but I do know it is the best sounding violin I have ever played.

Italian violin, Gaetano Pareschi, with the certification. Archive More detailed information about stringed instruments and the history of violin making. Bass bars varied diffrently in contruction and application in diffrent regions of Germany.

Excellent and versatile instrument for both professional and advanced study purposes. You can select one or more search fields and combine them however you like. Rather, there are other characteristics of old instruments which can be objectively evaluated. The John Juzek imprint on the labels inside the F-holes reflect an import-to-the-U.

An Insider s Guide to Violin Labels Strings Magazine

  1. The violin bears an interesting and romantic history.
  2. Some have a kind of individuality that you might expect from, say, an Italian maker.
  3. If it is authentic I think it may be a problem in terms of value or rather devaluation.
  4. If there aren't too many replies over here you might want to consider posting over at the pegboard.

French Violins

Most bore some sort of label with the name of a famous maker. And very occasionally newer instruments will have bushed pegboxes. Very nice professional violin. From through the s, the craftsmen were from the Bohemia region on both sides of the German-Czechoslovak border.

These are reputed to be the finest modern Chinese instruments. And has all the qualities of a soloist instrument. His firm had contacts and customers all over the world, especially in America and England, dating a which caused local police and communist functionaries to make his life and business difficult.

An Insider s Guide to Violin Labels

Just the other day another Strings reader wrote inquiring about the value and authenticity of his violin. Violins are also valued as antiques. But if it is there, this is a good indication the instrument is actually old.

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Antique violin from Saxony. Ole Bull Guarneri del Gesu. Never date a German violin.

Also, has this instrument been re-varnished? Perhaps in youth you should date exciting Italians but later settle down with a sedate, reliable German. But their craftmanship and material has always been excellent. Brescia is just to the north and vied with Cremona for supremacy before the s. Search our website for full size violins for sale by a special maker or origin by typing e.

When makers were expelled from their ancestral homeland, they could only take a few personal items with them, so they had to leave all of their wood, tools, online dating ltd and finished instruments behind. It is a beautiful sounding instrument though. This violin is based on A.

Many trade instruments bore the label of the master maker in charge of the shop. Brilliant toned Markneukirchen violin. Finally, dating tips with actually old instruments sometimes have extra lining where the top wood meets the ribs.

Dating Germans is fine but they have quite a few factory parts. Germain triggered civil unrest between the Sudeten German population and the new Czechoslovak administration. Interesting that the Germans only write in English on their instruments!

American forces came up from the south, went through the area, and moved east almost to Prague. The guy in the store suggested I play it, it looks great, sounds very powerful, and I already love it. Sometimes the varnish is shiny and new in addition to having fake cracks, crackling and blemishes! The industry continued to flourish until the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party. While the stakes are not nearly so high as in the case of the Rocca, the price difference is considerable.

How a Small Town in the Bavarian Alps Made Its Mark on History
The Violin Shop Violin Making in Germany

This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia's layout guidelines. By that time, they were having difficulties with the communist government, and their building was confiscated. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Once the Soviet forces were in control, relocation was deemed a necessity by many in the violin trade.

Even if it wasn't, although I would have been disappointed, I think I would still have bought it because of the sound. Two instruments may perform equally well, but the one with the famous name will command a higher price on the market. Juzek also was the export merchant for independent craftsmen, for whom the instruments were also labeled with the John Juzek name.

  • This is an excellent violin bow by Howard Green.
  • You definately are looking at a factory fiddle.
  • Regular old modern violins may have oil varnish, but the varnish is clearly newer.
  • The prices there will be way cheaper than what you'll be paying.

The Place in Germany Where Violins are Made

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