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As the quoted post says

As the quoted post says, it's possible that many will notice, and not be willing to overlook it. You'd be surprised how extreme some are willing to go.

Surgery was too risky, simply for vanity alone. While it would be nice to say that people ignore it, they do not. Something that is different, but could be fashionable. If the left eye is straight, the right one will turn in.

If the left eye is straightYou'd be surprised how

Seems this poster has the info. Or, they would turn around to see what I'm looking at and then ignore me as if I were not there.

Something that is different but couldSurgery was too

So, ultimately I just decide to conceal it. Then there's the possibility of infection, blindness, or double-vision which may never go away. If my right eye is straight, the left one is turned in toward my nose. It's hard to say whether people will overlook it.

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But it's a case where both of my eyes can't be straight simultaneously. But some, as seen in this thread won't give a crap, and some probably will genuinely not notice, unless it's pointed out.

The last one finally worked, and my eyes look normal except when I am tired. It's more of a brain issue than a muscle issue. You could grow your hair out and try that.

While it would be nice