The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post

Dan and phil dating each other

It was only when Dan broke into you youtube scene and became friends with phil that the flirtiness and claims to bisexuality were made. People think I like lemons. He was just a regular guy with a girlfriend who mainly watched American youtubers who played Rockband. Back before Dan started making youtube videos, Phil was the one man show.

People would feel betrayed and lied to, and I personally would have lost so much respect for them for lying this entire time. Before Dan, there was Charlieskies.

Before Dan there

So between you and your friends it becomes a slightly inside joke. As far as Phil - I have no idea. Your friends think this is funny too.

People would feel

Meaning it can take many shapes, and can change. At first, it might not seem to bother you.

Danisnotonfire has turned into an internet persona. But image for a split second that people thought you did. That would make this post too long for my taste and none of you want to be sitting here for days reading it. But then, one day, someone comes up to you and asks you if you like lemons. Now more people than ever are convinced that you love lemons.

Counterphan has part of the timeline that most people seem to miss and also has it captured how many times he tweeted Phil, the context, everything. Imagine for moment that you dislike the taste of lemons. My knowledge of things comes from my studies at university as well as my own life experiences. This post is not meant to cause drama.

Before I begin, I would just like to state that everything that is about to be explained is my own opinion of the events that have taken place. Dan, from what we know of his life before youtube, was not.

Now that the phandom is fucking ginormous, I think his new tactic has been to appear as relatable as possible. They have really thought about those theories and I have no problem admitting that I could be entirely wrong.

Your friends think this is funnyAs far as Phil

And that is because, as we discover the world and the people in it, those life experiences not only have an effect on our emotional development, but on our sexual nature. By this point, the v-day video had made its return and was spreading throughout the phandom.

Counterphan has partSo between you and your friends

As evident if you were around to capture his twitter history before he deleted it. And that relatability extends to joking about guys being attractive that potential people in his audience might find attractive. Because either way, there is going to be horrible backlash.