Consolidating democracy in ghana

Consolidating democracy in ghana

Another prospect of consolidating democracy in Ghana is the effective role of the media. From democratization to democratic consolidation. Open Society for West Africa. There is widespread acceptance of elections as a means to choose political leaders.

From democratization to

Some chief assumed so much importance to their people even more than the president of the Republic. This particular program is by far one of the most popular and far reaching events on the Ghanaian calendar, particularly during an election year. The paper consequently examines three independent think tanks that directly foster democracy and promote democratic consolidation in Ghana. They organize programs and political forums where issues of national interest are discussed.

This continued throughout the independence and early post-independence struggles against undemocratic political regimes and military rule. This paper is an attempt at trying to find answers to some of these questions.

Another prospect of consolidating democracy in

This would enable others to take them serious when they raise issues with regards to accountability and transparency. However, scholars have identified several criteria as evidence of consolidation. This therefore accounted for the numerous confrontations between politicians and traditional rulers especially during election time. Civil society groups have encouraged and improve public knowledge on policies administered by governments.

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For instance the judgment debts saga, Woyome scandal in the Attorney General Department, rumors surrounding the verdict of the Supreme Court ruling on the electoral petition. Thus, democratic institutions can be improved and deepened or may need to be further consolidated. It teaches interest groups to negotiate with others, to compromise and to work within the constitutional system.

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Secondly, adherence to constitutional amendments and the concept of rule law have contributed to Ghana success on consolidating democracy. This is what Rustow refers to as habituation, thus democracy becomes ingrained into the fabric of the social organization. It is important to reiterate the fact that consolidation requires more than a commitment to democracy in the abstract as indicated by some scholars. In this context, the third arena requires the willingness of all political actors to respect and uphold the rule of law. According to this measure, Ghana has made progress on the consolidation roadmap because politicians routinely use democratic institutions to resolve political conflict.