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To begin with, there will be a very high concentration of the gas near the egg, but none in the rest of the room. With a light microscope you can see some structures inside a cell, such as a nucleus. Use this, and the label on the scale bar, to calculate the magnification of the diagram.

The diffusion gradient for the nitrate ions is out of the root hair, and into the soil. New cells are needed for growing, and for repairing damaged parts of the body. Nucleus The nucleus is where the genetic information is stored. However, we now know that they are really very different, and belong in their own kingdom.

The diagram below shows an apparatus that was set up to investigate diffusion. This has a shape that is complementary to the shape of part of a starch molecule. The bases on the two strands are held together by bonds, forming cross links.

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Most of our bodies are made up of water. Nutrition Organisms take substances from their environment and use them to provide energy or materials to make new cells. Almost every metabolic reaction is controlled by catalysts called enzymes.

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If they break down fats lipids they are lipases. The pollen contains the male gametes, so the insects help the male gametes to reach the female gametes in another flower, so that fertilisation can take place. Cells from deep time If a long, thin spike of limestone hanging down from the roof of a cave is called a stalactite, what do you call a long, thin drip of bacteria-filled slime? First, make a list of features that clearly vary between the flowers.

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What is stored in the nucleus? The cells then use the glucose to release the energy that they need to carry out the processes of life.

First, the cell shrinks slightly and becomes flaccid. Put time in minutes on the x-axis, and height in mm on the y-axis.

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Imagine, for example, a rotten egg in one corner of a room, giving off hydrogen sulfide gas. For each of the following, state whether it is an organelle, a cell, a tissue, an organ, an organ system, or an organism. Within any living organism, chemical reactions take place all the time.

It is mostly stored in the cells in the liver and the muscles. Water diffuses into the cytoplasm and vacuole through the partially permeable cell surface membrane.

These stores can be used to release energy when needed. Very often, the concentration of nitrate ions inside the root hair cell is higher than the concentration in the soil.

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This protease must be able to work well in these very acidic conditions. Cells are very small, so large organisms contain millions of cells. Try to reduce your key to the smallest possible number of statement pairs.

Show your working, and remember to include the unit. Therefore, osmosis will occur.

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Different enzymes have different optimum temperatures. The mouth, the intestines and the stomach are all part of the digestive system. The first of these ideas would be much more useful to biologists than the second. Suggest the optimum pH for the activity of this protease enzyme.