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The crew was on time, professional and neat. Called support and within thirty minutes my issue was resolved. He also did some configuration changes in the router and completely resolved my issue.

Hussain Ali for putting my Tv channels in order so that i can watch the news and the cricket matches in my bedroom. Overall, Nayatel gives me peace of mind and offers a great package. Looking forward to a wonderful working relationship in the times to come.

Cable and telephony is amazing aswell. Comparing the other available Playout Automation Software, whatsapp in nokia Uniplay schedule your campaigns automatically. Broadcast automation Software incorporates the use of broadcast programming technology to automate broadcasting operations.

Fibre optic cable not available at home in urban Sussex. Just wanted to let you know that my Internet and Cable were installed yesterday.

Makes me even more happy that i am with a company that is truly customer oriented. You will make thousands of customers in Lahore. One thing needs improvement and that is billing method. Your staff supervised by Mr.

Fahd, who fixed all for me in a highly professional manners. Product Images Download images for this product. Uniplay has advanced features for processing multiple spots.

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We wish you continued success. But if I wrote about Nayatel, it would mean me promoting a commercial outfit.

We tailor our advice to your needs, including your level of knowledge and experience. The staff worked the entire day with a dedication that is almost absent from our market, and with an enthusiasm that you rarely find.

Recently I reported, regarding some troubleshooting and masking of my favorite channels. When a campaign has been scheduled, the created schedule can be reviewed.

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In short, i would highly recommend Nayatel. Asif and his team member Mr.

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As usual Nayatel team has delivered on time. It might look a bit costy in the begining but believe me, once you will go through it. They are dedicated, polite and keep their words.

See a list of Tripp Lite's testing agencies. The net speed was as fast as promised. Your technicians worked long and hard to do the installation. Adnan was very courteous and diligent in completing our Nayatel connections and changes. May you succeed a lot in future.

AoA, I am a resident of Lahore. Specially your support is really effective, the customer care staff are really friendly and caring.

Moreover the professionalism and commitment shown by team was awesome. It was indeed a pleasure talking to such professionals on the phone for support whenever required during this process. They always come on time and carry out their task in a professional way. For a newcomer in your country, it means quite a lot to establish reliable, fast internet connectivity from day one. Please let us know how we can make this information more useful to you.

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True example of team work, despite all technical fatigues. This is what comes to mind whenever Nayatel name appears anywhere. Not only with respect to internet, but with every thing. The same team used to visit me every time and they always had a smile on their faces. Also the packages they offer to their customers in promotion really shows that apart from business they do really care for customer needs.

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Impressed with the company's stance on customer value. Salam, The nayatel team visited my place today and i liked the way worked.

Yesterday was a historic day in my Internet life. They were well trained, competent and cooperative. The problem was resolved and my connection restored after they worked on it for half a day. When we talk about entertainment then first word comes in mind is fast Internet.