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This allows the gun to be adapted to suit either a different cartridge, or to suit a different Trap discipline. Browning recognised this, which led to a very successful partnership. The value they gave is basically what I see on the price tags on the gun store racks. It is easy to position your index finger in the same spot each time for consistentcy and gives good control for a smooth release.

Browning has made specialist competition clay guns for many years and the Citori has some features that will be just as recognisable in modern Trap guns today. The tumblers are substantial and coil spring-powered, driving well-sized firing pins for positive ignition. Currently Modified and Improved cylinder installed.

The stocks rate in about Fine - Excellent overall condition. There are a few spots of finish loss and scratches to the vent rib from gun racks, no denting to the rib, more like rubbing.

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Trap models can often be found at very good prices as they appeal to a more restricted sector of the market. This high configuration helps keep the shooter's head upright and the face firmly on the comb for consistent shooting. The first requirement for any Trap gun is longish barrels.

The stocks are wood with checkering to the forend and at the wrist. It is our goal to resolve return issues to keep all parties satisfied with their dealings look at our feedback. Personal Checks are held a full week for clearance.

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