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If you have any facts or statistics to support or disprove me, I would appreciate. Teague is extremely quick and more of a pure point guard than Brandon Knight was, although Teague is not considered to be as good a shooter.

The game was also a victory for the Wildcats. Beyond those two, there are not a lot of options. The team regularly faces some of the most challenging schedules in the nation against motivated opponents looking to make a name for themselves by beating the Big Blue. It is loud and fervent in anything Wildcats-related. As attendance at Pauley Pavilion lags, Kentucky remains a force.

Not just in the areas of recruiting, but in the areas of development, to where our guys have a floor where they can go work on their game. Jones can play inside or out and is a good fit for Calipari's dribble-drive offense. Their length, speed and athleticism promise that they will be entertaining and a tough challenge for all.

Darius Miller is capable of playing shooting guard and even point at times and will likely be called upon. The team plays an exciting brand of basketball which looks to get out and run, but one that also looks to execute offensively whenever possible and minimize mistakes.

Some have questioned me as to why someone would want to concentrate on what is sometimes negative or hard-to-defend areas rather than relive the many good aspects of the Kentucky Basketball program. He showed off memory-foam mattresses and bathrooms custom-made for seven-footers. The fans here have a passion. This team continued a long tradition of outstanding teams which represent the University of Kentucky basketball program.

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Another freshman, Enes Kanter was ruled ineligible by the N. Such is the power of Kentucky basketball. Stacey Poole would have been a key backup at this position, but he chose to look for greener pastures.

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Former walk-on Jarrod Polson has shown poise and will be asked to play critical minutes when Teague is unavailable due to foul trouble or injury. The schedule for Kentucky's th will be a mixture of high-profile matchups and home games against lower levels teams. You wish you could trade places for a day, just so you could experience that feeling. With Kanter's absence, senior center Josh Harrellson made great strides during the season and proved to be one of the most valuable big men in the country.

Joining Lamb is yet another freshman phenom point guard in the growing list of highly rated point guards coached by Calipari by the name of Marquis Teague. At the wing senior Darius Miller once again will show his versatility, both with his outside shooting, ball-handling and slashing to the rim. It is not uncommon to see fans with everything from blue wigs to bodies covered in blue paint. In the past, some fans have inked tattoos commemorating national championship seasons that had yet to be played.

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In that vein, I have included my thoughts on some of the misconceptions that surround Kentucky basketball. It has taken a lot of hard labor, but down the road we will be at our best. Two years ago, Kevon Looney, a five-star recruit from Milwaukee, surprised even his family when he chose the Bruins.

Most of this information is off the top of my head although I have gained much information from the Lexington Herald Leader Library along with other newspaper archives, magazines and books. Finally, another freshman Kyle Wiltjer shows tremendous versatility both in shooting from long-distance and with an array of post moves and shots.

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Not too many teams have ever done that. There is no program in the nation with as devoted, knowledgeable or fanatical fans as the University of the Kentucky. Overall, there is no limit to this team, assuming that they remain healthy. He struggled the previous year but will be counted on this year in a backup role, in particular to rebound and defend against big centers. Jones will be joined by a trio of highly rated freshman in the front-court, all with different skill sets.

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It's going to get us energized. The backcourt remains potent, albeit not particularly deep, with the return of shooting guard Doron Lamb. The Wildcats also won the Southeastern Conference tournament championship. Someday they are going to wake up and realize that basketball is here to stay. At midseason, Twany Beckham a transfer from Mississippi State will provide needed backup behind Teague at the point.