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Beloe solntse pustyni Quiz - QuizMoz - Movie Quizzes

Sukhov gives him a knife, which Sayid later throws to kill an attacker. The song was written by Okudzhava on personal request by Motyl, who had worked with him in the past. These songs are often just a voice and guitar, with the music drawing on traditional Russian folk music. He shoots a carbine taken from a bandit, whom he strangled using rope as a lasso while helping Sukhov.

Petrukha has a rifle that jams and never fires when needed. This phrase, among other things, was used as the title of several books by notable writers. Firstly, Konchalovsky thought only American actors could pull off the part of a lead role in a western, and secondly the screenplay was considered weak. Most of Abdullah's wives were portrayed by non-professional actors. She is the only wife who interacts with outsiders, loveaccess online dating matchmaker i.

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Many of the songs are inspired by the s urban song culture of metropolitan Russia. Although it did not perform any stunts in this film, one member of the unit died in an accident during filming.

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Sukhov carries a Nagant M revolver, a personal gift from brigade commander M. Security was improved after Motyl hired a local criminal leader for the role of a member of Abdullah's gang. The first is by far the best known.

Both Sukhov and Abdullah use handguns rather than rifles, as appropriate to their leading, officer-like positions. To deal with the Abdullah's gang, Sukhov fetches and fixes a machine gun.

These lyrics mirror many of the film's central themes, including Vereschagin's sadness and Sukhov's separation from Katerina. Nagant revolver similar to that used by Sukhov Weaponry is explicitly used to characterize and develop the characters. Also, some props were stolen by local thieves one night.

Beloe solntse pustyni

All locals are known only by their first names. The line wasn't scripted, but improvised by the actor. Some other accidents occurred due to poor overall discipline and security. Both stunts were performed by Valentin Faber. The other is when Sukhov jumps from an oil tank set on fire.